YOUNIVERSE-the album


Welcome to Youniverse

“Youniverse” is Possimiste’s debut album and dream journal officially released in 2020.

I don’t know (yet) where songs come from or what they are for. All I know is music comes to me when I’m dreaming. This here  is my little secret  journal that I’ll let you peek into from now on, little by little.

Yours lovingly, 


possimiste .

#1 “Who Are We?”

Possimiste finds herself in a jungle feeling that she is looking for someone or something she had lost. As she doesn’t have any idea of who this “someone” could be she decides to surrender to each charming creature she comes across. They all guide her way through the darkness until she meets a pre-teenage self: a young girl full of dreams and untouched by the “grown-ups’ world” . Possimiste feels that she has re-found the connection with her soul and promises to never let it go again.

#2 “Whatever, Love”

Some dreams feel so real that I can never be totally sure of if they were  just dreams.

I was suddenly in a place that reminded me of a space ship. I had found heart-shaped glasses that belonged to one of the most bright hearted  girl I’ve ever known. I knew it because when I tried  those glasses on I could actually experience some of the moments of her life just as if I had actually been her.

I’ve started to wonder. Maybe when people fall asleep their souls are actually still awake and living their lives in some kind of a parallel reality.

It has happened many times that I’ve met people for the first time knowing I know them from somewhere. Maybe many of us have met already before in our dream realities?I had this feeling again one night I went out dancing. It was for sure the girl with heart-shaped glasses. I maybe asked her how all was going…but I didn’t remember next morning much.

#3 “The Flight of Lulu”

Long time ago I got stopped by a stranger on the streets of New York. She looked deeply into my eyes and then took out a little package, saying: “Keep it for a day you feel like you there’s nothing more to lose”. I took it and had been carrying it secretly with me in my pocket every single day. Until one  day there was really nothing much more left to lose.

#4 “Cards”

Possimiste visits her gifted friend to discuss a strange feeling she experienced last night while hanging out alone and writing a song in an abandoned house.For some reason she had a strange feeling that the song might be a message from the “other side” – so the two friends dive into the world of mystery to figure it out.

#5 “Unseeable”

#6 “Butterfly”