possimiste-press-and-media.jpgInterview : 10 Questions with Possimiste – WMH MUSIC


“Possimiste is one of the best pop prominencies popped out from the Estonian underground scene in 10s”RECENT MUSIC HEROES 

“I can say for certain that I haven’t been this excited about a new artist since the first time I heard Emilie Simon five years ago. My gut tells me Possimiste has a lot to offer us and I, for one, cannot wait to see where she goes from here. “- THE INDIE HANDBOOK 

Possimiste’s haunting voice takes you on a trip to magical Iceland where she came from with her daydreaming pop music –  YOUR LOCAL BAND

“Since discovering this extremely talented 19-year-old, I haven’t been able to stop listening to her music. It’s so unique and unconventional, yet so terribly hard to explain.”BOOKS AND BLUEBERRIES 

“You’ll be someone like Alice being dragged into an otherworldly bliss.”GHOST FM 

“The talent and intricacy is unmistakable”SOUNDS BETTER WITH REVERB 

“At only 18 years of age, we can all agree on that the Estonian experimental pop goddess Possimiste have managed to create her own very unique and northern-like sound”NO FEAR OF POP

“At only eighteen years old Estonian singer-songwriter Possimiste is showing emotional depth and range well beyond her years.”GOOD POP, BAD POP

“It’s a song that’s free from boundaries an escape from the restrictions of life to something more free.”WE ALL WANT SOMEONE TO SHOUT FOR

“Watercolour canvases filled with orchestral swells, whirring clocks, singing birds, layered voices, parading drums and more channel the most whimsical elements of Bjork, iamamiwhoami, Sigur Ros, múm and other Nordic eccentrics, but Clockworkbird is in a world of fantasy excess all it’s own. “PIERREISM

“If the world keeps going right, the future holds big things for her”POPOP

“Its a cool sound and maybe one of the best Unsigned Friday posts to date.”OH SO FRESH

This fey fantasy may sound like escapist nonsense, but what makes Possimiste’s texts and travails so intriguing is that they’re constantly aiming for a related, communal experience. This is no bedroom solipsism. Her thoughts on artistic transformation often run parallel to social imagery. “FAR FROM MOSCOW >>>

The cheerful and innocent melody in the first single “Ship Poem” sung by Possimiste gives the track a shiny atmosphere glowing from the whole 6-track piece. – BEEHY.PE

“It finds possimiste aiding and abetting in taking the exuberant sting from out of the original and in its place slowing matters to a sweetly alluring murmur, the chirping strings – very Spector, the golden pop age glow and the softly swooned tip toeing lightness give it a vintage festive sigh that’s no doubt modelled on Doris Day, strange thing is that each and everytime we’ve played it, I swear its started snowing.” –MARK LOSING TODAY

“A journey through the arctic jungle where you become consumed by your surroundings of trees, so many trees, five hundred different kinds of trees, and flowers, beautiful insects, kind and courageous animals, and a warming and welcoming sky with butterflies and sparrows fluttering by, greeting you a delightful day. This is what it must be like to live inside the mind of the very talented Possimiste.” – FORMING CULTURE