Welcome Home

Welcome Home

I am standing at the gate, at the start of the road leading into endlessness. If I take a closer look, I spot some colourful castles in the distance floating on air.Air castles. Those castles have stars topping their quirky towers. They are all built in different styles: some of them look as if they had popped straight out of the Aladdin fairy tale, some as if they were from the far future…and my favourite ones are those that look like indian huts.

It is the first time I see wonderfulness like this….

still….I have a feeling as if I knew this place better than any other place in the universe. I feel so comfortable and safe. I feel like home.

“But this is your home – welcome back !”

Are they mind-reading me at the moment?

“But of course we are. Glad you finally decided to come in.”

Well I thought the door was locked and I tried to figure out the PIN code…

“Yes, we saw that Actually it has so far happened to all our guests from the Earth. Earthlings  and their strange traditions. If time existed here, we could even say that some of them have waited there  for very-very long.

But why don’t  you just let us in if you know we are there, wasting our time on looking for a key. Don’t you feel bad?

“We don’t have feelings – so we cannot feel bad.There is no time here – there is nothing you waste. The time is just an invention in your head. You need it  where you are from, but here it is just making you …..nervous – So,first of all, try your best to forget about the time.”

But for what purpose do you have a door here at all?To make people confused?

(to be continued…..)



The Other Side

They are so many,looking all the same, just in different sizes…dressed in blue, star-patterned uniforms. Their brown hair is flying lightly in the space breeze under flower wreaths. What those beings don’t have is… a face. Instead of a face  there is dark space and thousands of stars blinking through the  endlessness.






I step.

I am on the other side.

Had I seriously been such a fool?…Endlessly trying to open a door that did not have to be opened at all to enter….All one needed to do is just walk through it.

Such an evil joke, Universe.

…but wow. This place is special…





I am ready: just one more moment until Someone is supposed to stop at the door.I hope all goes well and in the best case I could maybe even sneak in with Someone, that would be amazing.




I breathe in. Alright.Now.

What?…Someone did not stop but walked without hesitation straight THROUGH this massive door!

Is this some kind of a ghost?Or perhaps I can as well walk through it, which would be so ridiculous because then all this stressing about finding the right code, all these tears and all this time I spent like a last idiot in front of this door, would so much be wasted…

But of course, this is not Earth and why should the Laws of Nature matter here, right?




For everlong  I have been here sitting desperately in front of the door and crying.I have never felt that hopeless before…

I cannot get in, I cannot go back

I feel the energy of someone coming closer.I can tell that Someone is confident just by observing the way Someone walks: straight ahead towards the door. It awakens the spark of hope in me because probably Someone knows the pin code and can hopefully let me in…..if Someone happens to be a kind-hearted being, of course.



(no reply)

Maybe I should be louder..

“Hi, Excuse me”…

(no reply)

(Ahhh please look at me at least….I was shouting this time….Someone must be deaf and blind….or is just ignoring me…)

Alright, obviously Someone does not seem to be interested in letting me in so I need another plan.

I’m just going to stand at the back while Someone is typing in the code  and try to remember the number.Yeah, that’s what I am going  to do.

Gosh, Someone  looks strange…

faceless caesar.png

I’m standing in front of a huge door.Far away around me I see stars and planets tinkling in the middle of the vast nothingness – this  must be Space.

The door is locked and next to it on the wall is hanging a pin system for getting in.

…But don’t know the code. I have absolutely no clue.I check my pockets hoping that perhaps someone left me a note or at least a hint but….there is  nothing in my pockets.

I try my birthday…I try my phone number

I try…

I try…

I tried…

I have now  tried every single number that has ever had any significance to me but  none of them fits. There are eternity of number combinations  in the world! I will never be able to open this damn thing. I want to go back!

I look behind me  and I notice how the  staircase I am standing on is falling apart. Now there is no way back.

I am doomed…

I would, honestly,so much more prefer to burn in Hell than stand like an idiot in front of the Heaven’s door without being able to open it.

Fuck. My. Life.(and pardon. my. language.)




Right now someone sent me a message “Look at the stars!”

How can I look at the stars right now when it is 7 in the morning and the sun is shining…


This all starts to feel a little bit like a horror movie to be honest…

…just what is missing is horror.

Or actually being totally clueless feels nothing but horrible.

I close my eyes and it gets dark.We all carry nigh within us…



Stars –

memories of the universe

travelling at the speed of light

through the never-ending night

…you were right : time really does not exist