I wish I only could put into words what happens inside a little girl’s heart when the sun is kissing her cheeks for the first time over an eight-month long winter. She sits  there nearby the lake in the middle of five swans eating strawberries. Little by little her frozen heart starts melting and becomes […]

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  Uus means “new” in Estonian and  every new is something  well forgotten from the old times . At least we have a saying like that. So let this little word be the spell for the next year and maybe it will tell something about it and maybe ,probably, likely, possibly there will be more new songs […]

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This must be happiness

Having run up the street in the middle of this ice-cold starry nighted city,  hands and legs so frozen that I could barely feel them and a big scar on my knee under the woolen socks (girls who keep staring up to the sky don’t even notice the ice stones on their way) I opened the door […]

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Behind The Stars

Hei, dear diary I think the most beautiful things are hidden things, things that lie behind something and I just wanted to share with you some little beautiful moments and feelings that I had when creating the music video for Star Caesar, which was mostly filmed in Greenland. So one nice winter evening we took a […]

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September I

If I only could find right words  to express my deep love for September in this tiny town in the middle of nowhere. When the streets are empty and just some lonely ghosts are finding their way back home through the carnival of red and yellow  leaves that are mildly dancing in the autumn wind. The last golden sun […]

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