Strange happenings

Strange happenings

At the same time in:



Reykjavík, Iceland

A mysterious hole of light  suddenly appears above Hallgrímskirkja the biggest Church of Reykjavík.

Picture taken by a local waitress



New York City, USA

trippuAn urban photographer spots a weird creature climbing a tree and a very bright light appearing next to the sun.








Türisalu cliff *, Estonia

*know for numerous dramatic events

A student takes a


photo of the ocean but after that for some reason  every next picture turns out  white.No technician could find out the reason why.










Nikko, Japan

The whole sky suddenly turns white above a temple.

Picture taken by a Tsukuba-based  artist




Pictures by May Meng, Stina Seppel and Possimiste

Super machine

Super machine


I could not fall asleep again….have been thinking about the Tooth Fairy since she  woke me up …What if she was right?
I am a 5-part puzzle and   music is the biggest piece in the middle…! But of course,this piece keeps  falling off  again and again when it is not surrounded by the other 4 pieces that are meant to hold  it in place!

We all are  given so much more than we usually  realise.trip shtp.png

We are too often told to choose one thing to be good at and sacrifice the others   – trust me, diary, I´ve really tried.Too many times.

What if we’d just try to  connect and invent instead and find a way how to put  all our main strengths to work together?  

Damn! If I am already given creativity then I should definitely be able to create a super machine by mixing together all these gifts I’ve been given in my own unique and beautiful way.This would be my art that carries the energy of peace without any guilt.



            This would  also be the only way I could avoid competing in art. I just find it so silly. Such  a nonsense: a song or a picture competing with millions of other amazing songs or pictures. And then there are those people in artsy clothes, perhaps with a beret and a glass of  wine…totally licensed ,of course, to “measure the unmeasurable” and rip your soul into thousand pieces.

I don’t need anyone to confirm me that  I am not the best of the world!I know I am not. There is just no “best in the world” in this. Just like there is no “best human being in the world”.

Still I really fancy the idea of creating a totally new  category where there would be just one participant – me…competing with myself…and win every time…a wiser me as a prize

Wait a moment , WHAT THE HECK IS THIS THING UP THERE?????????

    (to be continued…)

“Tooth Fairy”


5.30 AM. Here I am, back again in the same old place, same old me – but this time I brought a camera and piece of paper with me.

  TRIP Big dolly.png

Last night I had dream.

     I was swimming in the middle of  darkness surrounded by 5 weird-looking creatures.It  felt like a long time ago. First one was holding  a microphone, the second one a box of pencils, the third one was with an empty diary, fourth one had a crystal ball and the last one  a camera. They all put that stuff into a backpack and gave it to me, wishing a good trip and telling not to lose the bag.


      Next thing I remember was a giant Tooth Fairy standing in front of me. She was not in a good mood AT ALL:    

 “Hey, you, do you remember the  five creatures with gifts long time ago?”


“And the weird woman who gave you the microphone?”haldjas 1


“She is the only one super happy with you  at the moment.”

“What about the others?”

“The others are sad and disappointed because their gifts are just collecting dust and they feel that they could have better given those gifts to someone else.”

  “…I thought I had to pick which one to focus on and …”

“You were supposed to use them all together, you fool. We have very limited supplies up here and we never bother anyone with useless gifts.

Anyways, you have no idea how much it cost me to travel into your dream like that but I needed to do it – so you better not forget it in the morning!  

My people have been watching you and you make them sad – I want my folks happy. Take it as a first warning.

I have to run now, you were not the only one I needed to visit tonight.


Wow. I always wanted to see a Tooth Fairy when I was little. Now I just realized how lucky I was that she did not show herself to me at that time.

I really did  not expect her to look that freaky:




Page 2: “By The Ocean”

Page 2: “By The Ocean”

But first, I feel I need to glue here some pages I wrote last week by the sea…

hp br 2.png


Dear ocean,  

your coastline is  my only escape from this city that is muting the sound of my thoughts.

 Perhaps you are the only one in this world who can  really understand what’s happening inside me – just  because you are exactly like me: stormy, deep and forever changing. Sitting here, right by you feels like home.

   Recently life has brought me here more often than ever before and deep inside I know exactly why:  you want to show me the line I need to cross.

line 2.png

Just like fish in the sea who cannot breathe on the land.

Just like those species on the land who cannot breathe in the sea  I am stuck as an artist behind a similar line. 

I am so damn stuck.

Each morning you invite me to continue my journey straight  through you but I always end up stopping at the coastline and returning back home. Look at me: I am a simple human, not a freaking mermaid. I would never survive in you.

Still, I know that I need to step into you one day. This is the one and only right path. I can’t keep endlessly returning back home, disappointed in myself…

But how?

Should I build a submarine…?

Should I become a really good swimmer..?

Could I cross you by plane…?

Which one of these many options is the rightest?


One is clear: I need to  take another form to be able to survive inside you, dear ocean!

But which form?

A more improved self…

What would it be like?


Oh Universe, could you finally give me some kind of sign?

Thank You…


seaside cup sitting back 2.png

tee on lap.png

Page 1

Dear Diary,

I am sometimes not so good at words, especially this time when you ask me to fill the very first page of you with something beautiful. I feel you deserve something much more than words.
That’s why I decided to draw a picture.A picture of myself.
TRIP P 3 Titled.jpg

I named it “A girl-shaped gate to the Universe”

NB! For you who found this diary,
The paint is still wet *

*Which means you might end up drowning

Mega blog: In-between the lines of “Dance With me”

Hæ free spirits,

It is my favourite feeling to create music. Any kinds of music. Because this is just the way I am. I feel like every morning I decide over and over again who I want to be and what kind of music is living inside me. And that’s why you will never probably know what Possimiste’s next song is going to sound like.HA! So every time someone asks me what I play I would more likely answer : ” I play nothing but I just play with music”. There is only one thing I will never create a song without and this is #magic. There needs to be something in it. And it is a truly magical feeling to create a song with your soulmate and help your soulmate go through some dark chapters of her fairy tale that is really similar to one that I am done with. Here you go, my reindears,:


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