I’m standing in front of a huge door.Far away around me I see stars and planets tinkling in the middle of the vast nothingness – this  must be Space.

The door is locked and next to it on the wall is hanging a pin system for getting in.

…But don’t know the code. I have absolutely no clue.I check my pockets hoping that perhaps someone left me a note or at least a hint but….there is  nothing in my pockets.

I try my birthday…I try my phone number

I try…

I try…

I tried…

I have now  tried every single number that has ever had any significance to me but  none of them fits. There are eternity of number combinations  in the world! I will never be able to open this damn thing. I want to go back!

I look behind me  and I notice how the  staircase I am standing on is falling apart. Now there is no way back.

I am doomed…

I would, honestly,so much more prefer to burn in Hell than stand like an idiot in front of the Heaven’s door without being able to open it.

Fuck. My. Life.(and pardon. my. language.)




Right now someone sent me a message “Look at the stars!”

How can I look at the stars right now when it is 7 in the morning and the sun is shining…


This all starts to feel a little bit like a horror movie to be honest…

…just what is missing is horror.

Or actually being totally clueless feels nothing but horrible.

I close my eyes and it gets dark.We all carry nigh within us…



Stars –

memories of the universe

travelling at the speed of light

through the never-ending night

…you were right : time really does not exist

Flip Side

Flip Side

I thought I would never say this but  THANK YOU,

wine bottles.pngdear lovely m***********s, who were drinking wine that night by the ocean and did not clean up after yourselves. You saved my life! At least I had some bottle to stick my drawing and letter into…before I disappeared. I see that  moment  somewhere in my blurry memory. This drawing is the only clue I have about what must have happened.

…But I wrote this letter 15 days ago!Has it really been that long?!

Maybe there’s something more I wrote….on the other side of the paper?My grandma taught me to never forget to look at the flip side before putting any letter down: time does not.png


But this is not my handwriting.I swear…

Who are Star Caesars?





Wow, you should have seen that. A big wave just threw a wine bottle straight out of the sea. Now, you, clothes, have to wait a little.

Sorry, I have had this thing since I was little. Each time I go to the seaside I pick up every empty bottle to  check if there is maybe a secret letter or message  hiding inside it. So far, I have not had any luck in this – but it does not matter. What matters it that it keeps hope awake in me. Hope is the only source of energy that can fuel  those vehicles that take us towards our dreams, whatever they are. Hope is the worst thing one could ever lose so I need to take good care of it. Looking for bottle posts is a good  daily practice of hope.


No no no no way, are you serious?!



Alright,let’s do this.





Where am I?I’m gathering  courage to open my eyes. For the first time I pay attention to the fact that sight is a sense  I have total control over. To see or not to see – it’s up to me. But how little difference this fact actually makes:

…..through the  feeling of a light breeze on my skin…

through the smell of seaweeds sneaking into my nose

through  the calming sound of the waves singing me my favourite song

the reality always finds a way to reach us.

I don’t even need to open my eyes to know that  I am lying on the sand by the ocean.

riided 2

I open my eyes and  I am lying by the sea, as I thought. I  notice some clothes in the middle of the rocks a couple of steps away from me. All the clothing items are  blue  with little white stars painted on them.  They are definitely not mine…Who did they belong to and what had happened? The clothes look brand new and smell so good – it is a totally new kind of smell for me…like nothing I have ever smelled before. Smells like..stars.



10 seconds

10 seconds

I’m rising really fast towards the surface.I pass  through a bush of seaweeds with pink flowers and manage to grab two blooms with me.The warm water around me is getting cooler as I become farther from the bottom.

Oh, my God, SO F****G COLD!

My ears are locked, I need to breathe! But I don’t want to leave this charming sea world…Well,I could  hold my breath for ten more seconds the most.

What place is this?How did I get here? Am I alive at all? This is definitely not a dream but it  does not feel like the reality that I am used to live in either. No, this is definitely not that reality – that’s for sure. I’m missing something important and I think this something is : weight.

But is  this Earth? This place definitely looks like Earth. It feels like home…..It feels like that little  secret room in my own house that I was never aware of.

I cannot do it anymore.I need to breathe. ( )






Dream State

This post is not written by Possimiste but by us. We just took this picture of her a couple of moments ago  and thought to post it so that you won’t be worried. She is alright – just sleeping a little bit and will wake up tomorrow.rannal ircle copy.png

But meanwhile, do you want us to take a selfie? (Of course you want-you, humans are so bloody curious) Here you are:


Sorry, just forgot to tell you that it is so hard to take a proper selfie, because we don’t have “selves”…but that’ s the best that came out. Hopefully your fantasy will help you!