Once you have chosen to step into the world of mystery there is no way back. The line between reality and fairy tale world is now broken and who knows if it ever will be fixed or if it was ever needed.I’ll tell you more but this time you got to have patience. (shhh)


Hello World,

You have been spinning so fast lately and I LOVE that high speed of yours as much as I love trance music,crazy beats and to dance myself breathless.

The past 9 months has been a lot of travelling…England,New York,Shanghai,Indonesia,Slovakia,England again and music,beautiful people and magical moments…so much that when I think back then this was the dream once. This was the dream that once that little girl was dreaming when she sat on the window pane staring at the stars and moon and all those faraway things when everyone thought she was sleeping.

Funny, there was a noment five minutes before my last show in Slovakia when I sat all by myself on the riverside snd thought about this all. The sky was starry and clear and the air was filled with spring.

Now I understand

I feel I don’t own my dream

but the dreams own me

I trust they know

what they have to do

to find their way

into this reality.

I’ll write soon,



It was one dark winter night I spent all alone in a mysterious house with the piano. I heard this song in my head, I don’t know where it came from but it felt like a some kind of a message from somewhere that is not our world. It got me very puzzled and I visited my gifted friend Rax to dive together into the world of spirits.I’ll tell you more soon.


Tour Diary: Sun Circle

17.11 – New York

Last night was rad.

We played two gigs in a row and afterwards had the craziest party with the people who came.And of course with my New York friends. I have so many beautiful people around me.We celebrated life through making music and then celebrated the fact that we know how to celebrate life. I’ll never forget that suncircle. (Is there an English word that people use for talking about the whole 24 hours of a day?In Icelandic there is “sólarhringur”, which means “sun’s circle”. )