I wish I only could put into words what happens inside a little girl’s heart when the sun is kissing her cheeks for the first time over an eight-month long winter. She sits  there nearby the lake in the middle of five swans eating strawberries. Little by little her frozen heart starts melting and becomes one with the lake. Her hair will turn into branches and ears into leaves ready to catch every song that the birds sitting on her will sing.

Have a beautiful loveful day and here is a little drawing for you:)

Your PossiWP_20150506_008




Uus means “new” in Estonian and  every new is something  well forgotten from the old times . At least we have a saying like that. So let this little word be the spell for the next year and maybe it will tell something about it and maybe ,probably, likely, possibly there will be more new songs in this beautiful old the language of my heart and nature that the post  title is written in.

I draw a little goat angel for us all (because 2015 is the year of goat) to say thank you for the last year.He or she, i don’t even know myself, is  bringing  you peace, light, music and happiness. You can keep him everywhere, in your pocket, your ear, in the nose of the shoe or just in your beautiful mind – doesn’t really matter. Just that you know, he is there, taking care of you and me and us ❤


Have a beautiful and happy new year, dear friends!


Your Possi (who is going to watch the New Year ‘s Eve bonfire near the sea. It is a heart warming  Icelandic tradition in the cold wind:)

This must be happiness

Having run up the street in the middle of this ice-cold starry nighted city,  hands and legs so frozen that I could barely feel them and a big scar on my knee under the woolen socks (girls who keep staring up to the sky don’t even notice the ice stones on their way) I opened the door of my little warm house and said to myself  : “This must be happiness….”

WP_20141212_030 WP_20141206_002

WP_20141214_005 WP_20141213_015




Behind The Stars

Hei, dear diary

I think the most beautiful things are hidden things, things that lie behind something and I just wanted to share with you some little beautiful moments and feelings that I had when creating the music video for Star Caesar, which was mostly filmed in Greenland.

So one nice winter evening we took a small-small plane to Nuuk,Greenland and flew exactly through the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Here is a picture:10293592_834374553258290_1381879587973611078_o

This was our little red house in Nuuk. I draw this picture during the crazy snowstorm that lasted for 3 days. We were just sitting and drawing, watching the waves and eagles that flew by.

1240512_858400907522321_561502276191214452_nThis is me and the wool socks that my grandmother made for me sitting  outside in – 30 degrees and watching the northern lights.


And those are two elves who are hanging out at our veranda in the national costume . Can you imagine that  the colourful part of the womans’ costume is made of zillions of tiny pearls!In the old times they used fish eggs for that.


Everyone had his own  boat or motor sleigh standing next to his house.


Our house was made of wood as most of the older houses in Nuuk. During the nights were we often  wondering what if the polar bear should suddenly appear in  the window. Normally they don’t come to the town because they are afraid of people. Still, some years ago a foreign guy was building a house there and went early in the morning out of the half-finished house to pee. Suddenly he saw from the corner of his eye a white dog standing behind him. Well, then he turned around and it was something a little bit bigger and furrier than just a dog…and he was lucky to have got rather fast legs:)

1529902_834375383258207_6772995192372069674_o (1)For some reason the eyes of the locals  always started bursting sparkles when they talked about food, especially about whale skin. Well, as we stuff  ourselves mostly with veggies, fruits and tons of cocoa we did not try it of course, but our friend who had eaten it once in a soup said that it tasted  like a chewing gum for a stupid foreigner who is not used to it:)

IMG_0949This picture above is taken one day before the crazy snow storm began, silence before the storm.


And I think it is the best feeling ever to be stuck in the snowstorm, watching snowflakes, shooting a video and having your 12-tone xylophone with you, making songs of winter and warmth in your heart. And knowing that those moments are always with you and now also with you who you read this:)


So, and this is our plane that still managed to take off with tons of antifreeze, one extra pilot and without the wheels touching the ground.And even the door did not close because the snow was just everywhere:)


But we made it and finally, about 6 month later this little adventure turned into   a video and  now I can finally go and bake some gingerbread and make a song for you for Christmas:)


LOVE to you all













September I

If I only could find right words  to express my deep love for September in this tiny town in the middle of nowhere. When the streets are empty and just some lonely ghosts are finding their way back home through the carnival of red and yellow  leaves that are mildly dancing in the autumn wind. The last golden sun rays are jumping from window to window and making rainbow roads. On a rainbow road there is a little girl whose rubber boots are unwillingly smashing  the red berries  fallen into puddles during the rainfall. One of them still finds its way into her ebony brown hair.


“Star Caesar (Analogrunner RMX)”


There is so much to write about and I do not even know where to start..but what if we started from this very moment – now. And then afterwards I will tell you about my wonderful adventures. But today I am very glad to tell you that one really cool musician Analogrunner made a great remix for “Star Caesar” and put a pocketful of sunshine and loads of positive energy  into my little song.It made me really happy.Thank you so much!



See you soon in my blog and enjoy every little moment of this summer!


With stars and love,