For this Halloween I have a really special gift for you – a new single.Well,this time it is not my song…if one can own a song at all.It was originally written and sung by somebody else I simply adore from the bottom of my heart.

During this week I’m constantly dropping hints about the author and so! + you can send me yes/no questions into mailbox,fb,here…wherever.

And those who guess the author of that song,will get the download link right into their 💌-box



Hints so far: It is He.The song has 1 icelandic word in it .

More on INstagram :@possimiste


2 girls, 2 friends in  New York City, in search of the higher purpose of art and music.The 5-day  journey to the unknown in front of your eyes. Here we go, starting from tomorrow This is definitely one of the most exciting and spontaneous  things I have ever done in my life, I don’t have any idea how it is going to come out but  I want to live this through with you all because we are all connected in this Universe, isn’t it?

See you soon either here or @Possimiste on Instagram

and many hugs,**