Super machine

Super machine


I could not fall asleep again….have been thinking about the Tooth Fairy since she  woke me up …What if she was right?
I am a 5-part puzzle and   music is the biggest piece in the middle…! But of course,this piece keeps  falling off  again and again when it is not surrounded by the other 4 pieces that are meant to hold  it in place!

We all are  given so much more than we usually  realise.trip shtp.png

We are too often told to choose one thing to be good at and sacrifice the others   – trust me, diary, I´ve really tried.Too many times.

What if we’d just try to  connect and invent instead and find a way how to put  all our main strengths to work together?  

Damn! If I am already given creativity then I should definitely be able to create a super machine by mixing together all these gifts I’ve been given in my own unique and beautiful way.This would be my art that carries the energy of peace without any guilt.



            This would  also be the only way I could avoid competing in art. I just find it so silly. Such  a nonsense: a song or a picture competing with millions of other amazing songs or pictures. And then there are those people in artsy clothes, perhaps with a beret and a glass of  wine…totally licensed ,of course, to “measure the unmeasurable” and rip your soul into thousand pieces.

I don’t need anyone to confirm me that  I am not the best of the world!I know I am not. There is just no “best in the world” in this. Just like there is no “best human being in the world”.

Still I really fancy the idea of creating a totally new  category where there would be just one participant – me…competing with myself…and win every time…a wiser me as a prize

Wait a moment , WHAT THE HECK IS THIS THING UP THERE?????????

    (to be continued…)