“Haze of Sirens”

One sight full of purpose

under waterground

now follow your instincts

or follow me down

Drown into waters

Cause I won’t teach you swim

There’s nothing more painful

than floating in-between

We can’t stand bullshit in the waterworld

We’ll just see if you fit

into the arms of Rhime, our God of Love

All floats to the surface

what’s fake-beautiful

And so much about you

did fade – typical!

Cause here’s only place for the things that are real

but real was just darkness under your skin…

…and we don’t need that shit in the waterworld

And we don’t need to teach you how to live

but we don’t think you fit into waterworld

We don’t think you fit into your heart our love

We can’t stand bullshit in the waterworld

We don’t think you fit it

We don’t need your shit in the waterworld

We don’t think you fit into the heart of Rhime, our God of Love

Go back to the surface, Don’t break, beautiful thing!

As there was no ocean You never fell in

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LOST SONGS: “Song Song”

About “Lost Songs”: 

I was wandering through the youniverse last night and noticed a little prison. In this prison there were many songs locked in the cages. They always wanted to fly out to the world but guards were sleeping and did not even hear their sounds….The songs had been there for many years, some even ten years and it seemed so unfair…


Yet, I was the one who had the key and by far out of the two functions of a key, I like the unlocking part. Fly, my rough songbirds!


Here they are wrapped in red. Raw secret songs straight out of my wild teenage heart, The “Lost Songs”.

You can  buy “Lost Songs”  here 

Possimiste · Lost Songs (Rare Possimiste Songs 2010-2015)

Star Kid (new song)

It was at the beginning of this January when I was recording the soundtrack for “Lead Belly” in the studio. At 3am I took a tea break but as my friends’ guitars were just standing there next to me I grabbed one of them and 10 minutes later I had that song written on a tissue.
Hell no I know from which portal from the future it came from but I feel it was probably meant to be like some kind of a message to the world through this dark time, so I decided that I should sing it out last evening as my #NOWLIVE (a cool window-song movement) song!
-But every time this predictive-song-thing happens it gives me a bit of an eerie feeling.

Star kid wait, wait til the sun goes down
Wave goodbye to yesterday,
And get yourself together –
Nights shape us


The Job of an artist during Crisis (The start of New Age)

Hello, World from the most awesome quarantine-space one can desire. To be locked inside IMG_5265a creative workshop in NYC with pianos, colorful lights and your best friend sounds more like a dream than reality. Thanks Silvermuse !I’ll be sharing SO much with you all during the following weeks, stay tuned!

I’d like to start with this one here, let me know your thoughts!

       I still can’t get over the videos of thousands of quarantined Italians playing music on their balconies. It’s beautiful! Yet, this is so much more than just the only uplifting news on TV – it is a clear message that keeping creativity alive is crucial in situations like this. The whole story can easily go so wrong if people get bitter in their homes.

Today is one of the moments in history  when the job of an artist proves to be so much more than just being an entertainer: Our job is  to show people how one can keep filling his life with wonderful experiences without always needing the outside world (just give me an instrument and some food and I’ll be very happy for  weeks)

The best we can do as artists is find the most magical way to share our passions and stories with people around us and inspire them – until they start becoming us. That’s what the Italians did by playing music and dancing from their hearts – not online, not behind closed doors – but on their balconies until more and more people joined and the whole thing became a bigger inspiration for the world.

We artists know that even if the systems should fall or all the money in the world end, life will still  go on because the best thing on this planet is free: a powerful pleasant feeling of magic (that among many others music, creation, meaningful connections can give us)

Now it is our chance to show people magic and make the crowds ask an important question:

“If a thing can never fulfill me the way art does, why have I for all my life spent so much money on things but not on art ?”

The current environmental situation proves that our world cannot sustainably carry the heavy weight of an economic system dependent on manufacturing things. Could this be the official start of an era when untouchable goods become the foundation for the new economic system? 

You decide.

For me the job of an artist is very similar to a job of a gardener who has to water the  flowers that are pushing  through the rumbling ground in spring…and the spring is now.And if you are given the ability to create – Do it , and share with others! 






The Butterfly Myth

I was in England last week, lit the Christmas lights, got poured over by rain and stardust and came back with a myth for you – the myth that mysteriously found its way to Ian (the magician behind Butterfly film) the same time I sent him the song.
There are so many symbols and hidden meanings behind the film(it’s out 13th December) and the myth is one of them – hear it.