Tudei ai forgot mai inglissh äs ju mait riiälais...bad if ai vrait in tis länguitš  ai djast fiil the  pöörfekt  bälänss bitviin mai Estõunian  ruuts and mainset of ei vöörld sitizen.... (änd ai lav hau ju probabli rilli red mai  tekst hier...vid jour hõul maind änd presenss tu get eni kljuu of wat ai was traiing [...]

White Magic

Hello  Diary, Today is one of the most mysterious days  of the year and definitely a perfect time for some  good-spirited white magic❈ So far I have been really cautious with any kinds of witchcraft rituals. I think the story with them is like with ever manifestation or choice we make: if we want to take control over [...]

The Secret Hell Experiment

"One little angel fell right from the stars to Hell, but beautiful one, so beautiful one"     And welcome to....Hell..:) When I woke up yesterday in the  Christmas mood with white snow on the mountain  I had the spontaneous feeling to share "The Hell Song"  with you,just secretly on Soundcloud...then today after waking up [...]


Hi lovely boys, girls and all the beautiful animals, Just got back from tenting alone in the middle of the Icelandic the foot of a volcano actually...(I will share some bits of it a bit later) :)Now it is nice and warm to sit inside, drink hot tea and share the music video that [...]


  7am. Teardrops of the rain on the first spring leaves. Five slices of cucumber on a slice of rye bread.Smoke of the clouds above your head. To watch a dandelion through an  another  dandelion.Catch a smile of a passer by. Take a walk to the unknown. Hear a magical melody in my mind´s ear. [...]