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* Dear artists and video makers! As most  Possimiste`s music released 2011-2014 has been released under Creative Commons 3.0  by-nc-sa license   please read thoroughly the terms and conditions before including the music in your projects. Any kind of commercial use of the music, lyrics, videos and pictures without a permission ,written and signed  by Possimiste (which can be obtained by sending an email to the address above)  is illegal. If you have doubts or questions about the usage purpose you are very welcome to send an email.

With love, Possimiste

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. hi! i’m video maker Hyung joo Lee, live in korea.
    i can’t write english, sorry
    i used your music ‘behind the seas’,
    this song download at ‘’
    i don’t have money, so i don’t give doubts, but my video signed in your name. ‘Possimiste’
    my video finish soon, i want your e-mail, finished video send you.
    thank you!

  2. Hi. My name is Kevin. I watched a couple of your videos. I don’t know why I have a nudge to email you but I will just put it out there. You write interesting songs. If you have some lyrics that you’re stuck with and would like to try writing a song, if you will send them to me I will send you something back, to use or not, as you wish. If you want to see something I’ve written, songs, send me an email and I’ll send you back lyrics I’ve written. I’ve written a couple novels (Amazon) – Night Bird Calling and War Demon: Valley of the Djinn, but they’re not songs. I play guitar. Enjoy the snow on your mountain. I live close to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. We don’t get much snow. Right now, the pond behind my house has ice forming on it. Bye. Kevin (No website. I know. People tell me to do this but I like a simpler life. Not on Facebook either.)

    1. Hi Kevin and thank you so much for the beautiful thoughts!I will definitely try to read your novels if I have a chance and feel free to send me any songs you have written any time, I am always really excited to hear beautiful new music:)I am totally enhoying the snow, it is white Christmas here this year, snowy, cold and beautiful. Regards to you and the icy pond behind your house : the ocean behind my house never knows how it feels to be frozen:) Have the most beautiful Christmas time!

      Warm regards,

  3. Hello,

    My name is Katherine Trosch and I am involved in global relations for the British music movement ‘God Save The Queen’ which is all about promoting strong female role models in the music industry against those that the mainstream media currently focuses on.
    Our ambition is to create a universal platform that makes it easier for the people of the UK and beyond to have a place where they will only find the greatest female music talent.

    Since we were founded in 2014 we have gone onto producing a feature film with one of only 40 women in the rock and roll hall of fame and have produced videos with women who have sold over 100 million records as we give every woman we work with an open platform to promote themselves and not a stereotype of what a woman should be. is the trailer to our first feature film.

    This International Women’s Day we are developing an International marketing campaign teaming with women all over the world to promote our message: Sex Sells. Ask For Your Change.
    This is saying to the consumer that 84% of music videos feature women dancing provocatively but 84% of retail consumers are women, so we argue that sex is not the most profitable business model in the music industry, being a strong confident woman is – we are teaming up with female musicians we believe in all over the world and launching a strong print and media campaign to promote this and the musicians involved in our campaign.

    We would love to have you on our campaign for this March 8th.
    All they would have to do is record a video of themselves on their mobile phone saying our tagline ‘sex sells. ask for your change’
    Here is a private demo video to show you an example (please do not share)

    We would also be open to interviewing you for our campaign if that was of interest to you.

    Thank you for your time, please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

    Best regards,

    Katherine Trosch

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