Possimiste used to be just a regular girl until one day she had visitors from a far-away star who  called themselves Star Caesars. 


With a brushful of dark matter they painted 6 circles on Possimiste’s forehead and bat wings on her back.  The circles connect one to the Universe while the wings let one travel in time and space. Star Caesars also handed  Possimiste an empty diary for writing stories and songs about her trips to those fantastical places.

You have just stumbled upon it.

“You’ll be someone like Alice being dragged into an otherworldly bliss.” – GHOST FM

“I can say for certain that I haven’t been this excited about a new artist since the first time I heard Emilie Simon five years ago. My gut tells me Possimiste has a lot to offer us and I, for one, cannot wait to see where she goes from here. “- THE INDIE HANDBOOK 

“Watercolour canvases filled with orchestral swells, whirring clocks, singing birds, layered voices, parading drums and more channel the most whimsical elements of Bjork, iamamiwhoami, Sigur Ros, múm and other Nordic eccentrics, but Clockworkbird is in a world of fantasy excess all it’s own. “PIERREISM

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Discovering more and more great estonian artists. It’s incredible. My mom is estonian and I’m so glad she taught me Estonian…

    1. Oi, suured tänud väga südantsoojendava postituse eest ❤ Ja mul on nii hea meel selle üle, et su Ema sulle õpetas seda väikest, iidset ja võimsat keelt…see on ju emakeel, kas pole, pool sinust:)? Isegi siis, kui oleme kodust kaugel, (nagu mina praegu, oma teises kodus Islandil), jääb see alati osaks meist ja kanname seda alati kaasas :)Palju tänu ja armastust ! 🙂

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