Hæ ♥ I am Possimiste. A girl with batwings.A dreamer.A wanderer.A nature-soul.A never grow-up kid and I play with music.

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I don´t know where music comes from and I  not knowing it. I believe that there is a mysterious Song land where all songs live. But what I know is that🎵 is a powerful force that has the power to go through souls. There is no better feeling in the world than to experience a song go through you, take a piece of you with itself and then letting it fly out to the universe again. And this is why I am… and this is the  way I live.

There are neither borders nor music genres in my forest.It´s a place for all kinds of songbirds to fly free.´Cause in the end…all is music – like you and me.I love you all.

Possimiste Photo xxl



      Possimiste is an artistic  character created by  a  23-year-old ethereal-voiced Estonian singer-producer  and video artist living in Iceland. She is often considered as  one of the founders of  fantasy-pop music genre. Her music is inspired by nature, fairy tales and ritual folk singing. The old tribal tradition of remaining anonymous during rituals is  the main reason for Possimiste to appear as a fictional character. She believes that by leaving our physical identity behind the soul becomes more open and connected to the divine immaterial world where music comes from.


     The artist was only 15 years old when she gave out her first self-produced single and got discovered by Bad Panda Records. In 2011 the same label released the second official  single “Behind The Seas”. With the latter Possimiste  won the hearts of many  music bloggers, alternative pop (Émilie Simon, Björk,The Divine Comedy) lovers  and has until today remained one of the most downloaded Creative Commons artists on the internet. Possimiste  is also known for the  collaborations “Sjernen” and “Lumehelves” with the German composer Oskar Schuster.
         After giving out the EP “Wanderer”(Field Guide Records)  and 6 singles that have scored numerous award-winning films and  advertisements including  for Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, Design Within Reach, Spell Designs etc. the young artist  focusing on finishing her full-length debut album.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Discovering more and more great estonian artists. It’s incredible. My mom is estonian and I’m so glad she taught me Estonian…

    1. Oi, suured tänud väga südantsoojendava postituse eest ❤ Ja mul on nii hea meel selle üle, et su Ema sulle õpetas seda väikest, iidset ja võimsat keelt…see on ju emakeel, kas pole, pool sinust:)? Isegi siis, kui oleme kodust kaugel, (nagu mina praegu, oma teises kodus Islandil), jääb see alati osaks meist ja kanname seda alati kaasas :)Palju tänu ja armastust ! 🙂

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