“You’ll be someone like Alice being dragged into an otherworldly bliss.” – GHOST FM

Possimiste is an artistic character, a bat – girl who takes you on a magical journey through her colourful and mysterious world like you have never seen before.
Thanks to her very own hard-to-describe whimsical pop sound and vision the music bloggers and critics have often named the Iceland-based Estonian artist as one of the best-kept secrets and most exciting acts – to- watch in the 10s’ indie music scene.

Possimiste’s career kicked off in 2012 with the successful debut single “Behind The Seas” that was followed by winning UK Amazing Radio’s “Alternative Eurovision”, Recording Festival’s best vocals and best original song award, 2 nominations in Radio Head Awards 2016 and her works scoring numerous advertisements for Design Within Reach, Vogue, Spell Designs and many others.
Although the young artist is just finishing her debut album Possimiste has already become one of the most downloaded Creative Commons artists on the internet with more than half a million downloads.




8 thoughts on “About

  1. Discovering more and more great estonian artists. It’s incredible. My mom is estonian and I’m so glad she taught me Estonian…

    1. Oi, suured tänud väga südantsoojendava postituse eest ❤ Ja mul on nii hea meel selle üle, et su Ema sulle õpetas seda väikest, iidset ja võimsat keelt…see on ju emakeel, kas pole, pool sinust:)? Isegi siis, kui oleme kodust kaugel, (nagu mina praegu, oma teises kodus Islandil), jääb see alati osaks meist ja kanname seda alati kaasas :)Palju tänu ja armastust ! 🙂

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