#TourDiaries: My world

My house looks so empty. Almost all of the things that make this space in-between creme white walls my home are now stuffed inside the huge sky blue suitcase.

Since I was little I have always felt that I need to touch,see and feel all the things that live inside my soul. It’s a wild disco child – so my house is filled with plant patterns and different coloured lights,stars and paper butterflies.And chocolate,there always has to be chocolate.Thank god for the aztecs🙏And then there’s another luggage.It sounds pretty much like fairy dust.If you lift it you can hear the tinkling bells and clockenspiel mixing with the calming sound of rainstick. And I guess for the passers-by I might as well look like a medieval caravan: one of the heaviest costumes did not fit into the suitcase so I’m wearing it all the way from home to New York City today.

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