Heart-Shaped Glasses

Gosh, this is so strange to feel the memories of a stranger floating around inside you. A story  that I had the chance to read. We are all writers in a way, aren’t we?

 My heart-shaped glasses that nobody can take away from me.

They are pink colored…but still transparent.Everything you look through them is still real, but with a magic glow surrounding it. The world has been so  beautiful place for me  since I found them once from the woods when I was little.

But I could have never imagined they were so rare…

Why did each one of you want to escape this reality as the world was such a dark place?

#1 into a virtual reality….

#2 into the world of altered state of mind that is maybe so beautiful but so hard to get out of

3#into the world of numbers, graphs,sleeping pills and endless problems

Maybe those inward worlds of yours were very interesting…but it is so hard to know because they are so hard to share and connect to.

What about sunsets and birds, light breezes, different smells in the air, the sounds of an early morning, the excitement about a new mysterious day, the taste of your favourite food, starshine, getting a new thought, the power of a shared word. Beautiful things that the world gives us could connect us all if we’d take a look and notice them.Or can they only be seen through heart-shaped glasses…

Whatever, my loves…..


Wow, it must be pretty hard to live with those heart-shaped glasses on if she’s the only one around wearing them.






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