That’s enough. I have been watching her  for almost…what they call 3 months on Earth.I have been silent because there has just been nothing to write about >her days look all the same: perfect from the outside but filled with a cocktail of alcohol, orange juice and tears from the moment she gets home. She is the saddest picture I have ever seen. I can’t do this anymore.

She  “If I had all her charm and money, “I told to a tiny caesar next to me, “I would cover the white walls of this house from inside with all kinds of colours.

I’d turn it into a piece of art.

I would fill it often with music, laughter and good spirited strangers that the universe wants to connect there and then. It would be a space where moments of beauty can happen.

sometimes I’d just love to be there alone and have the starry sky moments just for myself so that I could get to know myself more and more deep and play guitar at midnight  following the rhythm of my heartbeat.

I would travel the world and taste all kinds of different foods.

…feel different winds and rains on my skin.

…hear how the waves on the seas of the world make different sounds.

…how the sands feel different to walk on.

…how the birds sing different.

…how  my hair dries at different speeds.

…how my walking speed changes in different environments.

…how it feels to miss something or someone…or would I ever miss anything at all when I know I’m not missing out a single moment of meaningfulness and beauty  in my life?

I would squeeze as much juice as I can out of every orange in my garden and drink it pure and fresh.

“But you are not her,” replied the little caesar.

“True…there must be  a reason why she has muted everything, right?”

“Of course there is,”

“If I were her….WAIT! Could I please be her for a moment of  just…enough  time?Would that be somehow possible?”



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