Orange juice

You, little humans,are so amusing…

I am going to show you something about home. Take a look  at this beautiful city down there. What if we could see through all these sIMG_8739.jpgtone walls and locked doors and take a peek into the lives people live…

Do you notice that fancily dressed lady walking down the street?

Of course I do. It is really hard not to notice her. She is seems perfect: probably in her 30s with a content little smile decorating her tainted lips. She walks confidently towards the last house of the street, which happens to be her home – a beautiful white clay house.

Before entering she grabs 5 sunset coloured oranges from one of the many orange trees growing in her garden. As soon as the lady has locked the door she sits by the kitchen table,takes off her shoes and squeezes herself a glass of fresh orange juice.


trippy sunset

orangeShe takes a sip but her face clearly tells that there is something not right about her drink and she does not wait too long to fix it. Vodka.Straight out of the fridge. Girl knows what the girl needs.


Vodka and orange juice – I can see some sophisticated sparkle lighting in her deep blue eyes.

As soon as she is done with the drink

she is not done.

There is going to be another one.

And another one.

She is never done

until  the spirit has reached her spirit.


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