key“First of all, Why should we ever lock a door to homeHome should be a place where one is always  unconditionally welcome,no matter what – even if one has lost his keys.Would you ever bungee jump ?”

Well, probably not…

“But what if there was a mattress down there that would catch you if the ropes should break so that it would be 100% safe?”


If there were no risks, you mean?Then of course I would do all kinds of crazy stuff…

“You see. Home is   like that mattress down there that encourages you to experience life to the fullest because you´d always know that even if everything else goes wrong there is always a safe place to go to. A place that eliminates the risk of complete failure.”

Do you mean that  the most important value of home  is actually just the feeling of safety it gives you?

“Yes. The strongest power of home lies within the knowing that you have one.

If you’d need to have the key to get into home  you would create a condition. Home would not be your “no-matter-what place” anymore and  its main purpose would be gone.”

But how can I  feel safe in a place  that everyone can access ?For sure not everyone has good intentions…

(to be continued…)



pic by : Andy Maguire

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