Welcome Home

I am standing at the gate, at the start of the road leading into endlessness. If I take a closer look, I spot some colourful castles in the distance floating on air.Air castles. Those castles have stars topping their quirky towers. They are all built in different styles: some of them look as if they had popped straight out of the Aladdin fairy tale, some as if they were from the far future…and my favourite ones are those that look like indian huts.

It is the first time I see wonderfulness like this….

still….I have a feeling as if I knew this place better than any other place in the universe. I feel so comfortable and safe. I feel like home.

“But this is your home – welcome back !”

Are they mind-reading me at the moment?

“But of course we are. Glad you finally decided to come in.”

Well I thought the door was locked and I tried to figure out the PIN code…

“Yes, we saw that Actually it has so far happened to all our guests from the Earth. Earthlings  and their strange traditions. If time existed here, we could even say that some of them have waited there  for very-very long.

But why don’t  you just let us in if you know we are there, wasting our time on looking for a key. Don’t you feel bad?

“We don’t have feelings – so we cannot feel bad.There is no time here – there is nothing you waste. The time is just an invention in your head. You need it  where you are from, but here it is just making you …..nervous – So,first of all, try your best to forget about the time.”

But for what purpose do you have a door here at all?To make people confused?

(to be continued…..)



One thought on “Welcome Home

  1. Neutral beings….I have encountered them before. They are bound by Prime Creator / Gods law to allow us humans to learn from our experiences, instead of giving us the answers.

    If you are getting frustrated and looking for guidance, do you connect with your higher self? It is an aspect each of us has which is outside of this matrix world construct. That part of us connects us to the Divine but also to the entire universe, all times and states of being in no time!

    Have you ever heard of zero point? It is a concept in physics but also new age. It is timelessness, it is the infinite field of all potentials.

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