The Other Side

They are so many,looking all the same, just in different sizes…dressed in blue, star-patterned uniforms. Their brown hair is flying lightly in the space breeze under flower wreaths. What those beings don’t have is… a face. Instead of a face  there is dark space and thousands of stars blinking through the  endlessness.




3 thoughts on “The Other Side

  1. It sounds like you are meeting galaxies! How exciting. Or is it creepy? Did you know that planets, moons, galaxies, all celestial things, even our universe, each has it’s own consciousness?

    1. ✨It is not creepy but just…like something you have once known but what is still,long forgotten and thus it takes a while to re-learn it …but exists in the soul
      consciousness…aren’t we travellers through different consciousnesses while conscious ourselves and the image or reality that is born between the two different consciousness is a “new born consciousness” on its own ?

  2. Yes I know the feeling :D! It exists in the soul consciousness but also in the cellular memories of ones body.

    “The image or reality born between two different consciousness”, you say….wow….You should put that in a song! It’s about reality in the process of self actualizing! The process of creativity itself…You can remember what you used to know in this life or in others and / or create something new 😀

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