For everlong  I have been here sitting desperately in front of the door and crying.I have never felt that hopeless before…

I cannot get in, I cannot go back

I feel the energy of someone coming closer.I can tell that Someone is confident just by observing the way Someone walks: straight ahead towards the door. It awakens the spark of hope in me because probably Someone knows the pin code and can hopefully let me in…..if Someone happens to be a kind-hearted being, of course.



(no reply)

Maybe I should be louder..

“Hi, Excuse me”…

(no reply)

(Ahhh please look at me at least….I was shouting this time….Someone must be deaf and blind….or is just ignoring me…)

Alright, obviously Someone does not seem to be interested in letting me in so I need another plan.

I’m just going to stand at the back while Someone is typing in the code  and try to remember the number.Yeah, that’s what I am going  to do.

Gosh, Someone  looks strange…

faceless caesar.png

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