I’m standing in front of a huge door.Far away around me I see stars and planets tinkling in the middle of the vast nothingness – this  must be Space.

The door is locked and next to it on the wall is hanging a pin system for getting in.

…But don’t know the code. I have absolutely no clue.I check my pockets hoping that perhaps someone left me a note or at least a hint but….there is  nothing in my pockets.

I try my birthday…I try my phone number

I try…

I try…

I tried…

I have now  tried every single number that has ever had any significance to me but  none of them fits. There are eternity of number combinations  in the world! I will never be able to open this damn thing. I want to go back!

I look behind me  and I notice how the  staircase I am standing on is falling apart. Now there is no way back.

I am doomed…

I would, honestly,so much more prefer to burn in Hell than stand like an idiot in front of the Heaven’s door without being able to open it.

Fuck. My. Life.(and pardon. my. language.)

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