Where am I?I’m gathering  courage to open my eyes. For the first time I pay attention to the fact that sight is a sense  I have total control over. To see or not to see – it’s up to me. But how little difference this fact actually makes:

…..through the  feeling of a light breeze on my skin…

through the smell of seaweeds sneaking into my nose

through  the calming sound of the waves singing me my favourite song

the reality always finds a way to reach us.

I don’t even need to open my eyes to know that  I am lying on the sand by the ocean.

riided 2

I open my eyes and  I am lying by the sea, as I thought. I  notice some clothes in the middle of the rocks a couple of steps away from me. All the clothing items are  blue  with little white stars painted on them.  They are definitely not mine…Who did they belong to and what had happened? The clothes look brand new and smell so good – it is a totally new kind of smell for me…like nothing I have ever smelled before. Smells like..stars.



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