10 seconds

I’m rising really fast towards the surface.I pass  through a bush of seaweeds with pink flowers and manage to grab two blooms with me.The warm water around me is getting cooler as I become farther from the bottom.

Oh, my God, SO F****G COLD!

My ears are locked, I need to breathe! But I don’t want to leave this charming sea world…Well,I could  hold my breath for ten more seconds the most.

What place is this?How did I get here? Am I alive at all? This is definitely not a dream but it  does not feel like the reality that I am used to live in either. No, this is definitely not that reality – that’s for sure. I’m missing something important and I think this something is : weight.

But is  this Earth? This place definitely looks like Earth. It feels like home…..It feels like that little  secret room in my own house that I was never aware of.

I cannot do it anymore.I need to breathe. ( )






2 thoughts on “10 seconds

  1. Make sure you take good care of yourself, do you meditate? That’s an intense dreamtime experience or meditation. It’s important, what we are doing in those states – they are as real as the waking world. What if you make yourself into a mermaid, then you can use your gills to breath when under water, but also your lungs to breath just fine when on land? You don’t have to feel panicked if that’s what’s going on, there is always a way.

    Your post makes me think of this water game I found by another good musician, these clips and music are pretty: http://store.steampowered.com/app/580520/Water_Planet/

    1. I meditate sometimes. I feel meditations are like meetings between body and soul. I need them…I feel, to – exactly- take care of my “self”. But to dream- it is even more fascinating. I kind of love the feeling of having absolutely no control over who I am or how I am or what happens to me. I am so thankful when I can remember my dreams and the places and bodies I have been to, because as you said – dreams are reality as well. Thank you for sending me this beautiful game, will take a look and listen on a quiet night walk – will definitely be a very beautiful moment..!

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