Super machine


I could not fall asleep again….have been thinking about the Tooth Fairy since she  woke me up …What if she was right?
I am a 5-part puzzle and   music is the biggest piece in the middle…! But of course,this piece keeps  falling off  again and again when it is not surrounded by the other 4 pieces that are meant to hold  it in place!

We all are  given so much more than we usually  realise.trip shtp.png

We are too often told to choose one thing to be good at and sacrifice the others   – trust me, diary, I´ve really tried.Too many times.

What if we’d just try to  connect and invent instead and find a way how to put  all our main strengths to work together?  

Damn! If I am already given creativity then I should definitely be able to create a super machine by mixing together all these gifts I’ve been given in my own unique and beautiful way.This would be my art that carries the energy of peace without any guilt.



            This would  also be the only way I could avoid competing in art. I just find it so silly. Such  a nonsense: a song or a picture competing with millions of other amazing songs or pictures. And then there are those people in artsy clothes, perhaps with a beret and a glass of  wine…totally licensed ,of course, to “measure the unmeasurable” and rip your soul into thousand pieces.

I don’t need anyone to confirm me that  I am not the best of the world!I know I am not. There is just no “best in the world” in this. Just like there is no “best human being in the world”.

Still I really fancy the idea of creating a totally new  category where there would be just one participant – me…competing with myself…and win every time…a wiser me as a prize

Wait a moment , WHAT THE HECK IS THIS THING UP THERE?????????

    (to be continued…)

5 thoughts on “Super machine

  1. You’re creative, original, and have a fun, down to earth vibe, so I think you should just do whatever artistic thing(s) you feel like doing, when you are really feeling it. Maybe it is more psychological, you are pushing yourself too hard and that shows up in dreams? Of course, faeries are real, so maybe it is a combination of a visit and who you are when you are dreaming, and judgement of self is coming out.

    About competing in art, I couldn’t agree more because some people become too competitive and egotistical. They expect everyone to stick to their ideas about what is creative. Hipster culture, it can be very annoying.

    I push myself sometimes too and wake up or can’t sleep when it’s late, so I have to grab a journal and let it out. I felt like I was communicating with the moon last night / this morning and had to write a poem for Her before sleeping.

  2. Hi Rose and thank you so much.
    That kind of beauty of you writing a poem to the moon is one of the most beautiful feelings one can ever experience, the divine connection with something so simple, something that is always there, showing its beauty from different sides each night.
    That’s also why I never feel lonely.
    Because there are so many things in universe that open the energy of love and although people often tend to look for that energy through another human being….it can actually be found through so many things, isn’t it?
    Feel welcome to share your poem to the Moon.It would be lovely to read….and inspiring!

    Sending kindnness and light and starshine towards you,

  3. Yes, I feel the same – never really getting too lonely because everything feels so alive and full of energies we can tap into. Healing and fun energies can be found both from within and in anything we want it to! That’s the beauty of being so creative that sometimes we can’t sleep lol.

    I’m not sure if I feel like the poem is finished yet (it’s sort of personal), but I will probably blog and share it with you here when it is :).

    Peace and faerylights! Oh and here is one of my poems you might like, about faeries:

    Who Are The Faeries?

    The faeries know God since the
    Planet was first keen to be
    inventing new creative combinations,
    with God to see.

    Ancient genetics before eugenics,
    caused the Kindly Folk to travel free.
    In bodies of carbon and bone,
    they actually didn’t flee.

    From the shy nomads of benevolence,
    who were almost ruined with malevolence
    they’re here,

    Within water, swimming slowly
    in deep underground healing baths,
    fresh mineral rich water
    is healing up the past.

    Out of cloud, not flying alone,
    clouddancing through their old home,
    once before and now again,
    no more constraint, they live and gain.

    Born of grasses and up off stones,
    made with leaves and windswept grass,
    dresses twirling a tulip dance,
    they laugh, feet tap and land.

    They grow of the longest twilight and often change form,
    all to protect and love,
    this Planet their native home.

    © Rose Night

    1. THANK YOU for sharing this…I so much feel the words of that beautiful poem. and I feel it has the truth in it-at least my truth,as we all have our own…🧚🏻‍♀️This piece is a world! The words have power to inspire our imagination to build✨✨✨pure magic 💖

  4. Thank YOU :). The encouragement means a lot from someone whose work I admire. Magic is for sharing and we should all inspire each other whenever possible.

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