“Tooth Fairy”


5.30 AM. Here I am, back again in the same old place, same old me – but this time I brought a camera and piece of paper with me.

  TRIP Big dolly.png

Last night I had dream.

     I was swimming in the middle of  darkness surrounded by 5 weird-looking creatures.It  felt like a long time ago. First one was holding  a microphone, the second one a box of pencils, the third one was with an empty diary, fourth one had a crystal ball and the last one  a camera. They all put that stuff into a backpack and gave it to me, wishing a good trip and telling not to lose the bag.


      Next thing I remember was a giant Tooth Fairy standing in front of me. She was not in a good mood AT ALL:    

 “Hey, you, do you remember the  five creatures with gifts long time ago?”


“And the weird woman who gave you the microphone?”haldjas 1


“She is the only one super happy with you  at the moment.”

“What about the others?”

“The others are sad and disappointed because their gifts are just collecting dust and they feel that they could have better given those gifts to someone else.”

  “…I thought I had to pick which one to focus on and …”

“You were supposed to use them all together, you fool. We have very limited supplies up here and we never bother anyone with useless gifts.

Anyways, you have no idea how much it cost me to travel into your dream like that but I needed to do it – so you better not forget it in the morning!  

My people have been watching you and you make them sad – I want my folks happy. Take it as a first warning.

I have to run now, you were not the only one I needed to visit tonight.


Wow. I always wanted to see a Tooth Fairy when I was little. Now I just realized how lucky I was that she did not show herself to me at that time.

I really did  not expect her to look that freaky:




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