Page 2: “By The Ocean”

But first, I feel I need to glue here some pages I wrote last week by the sea…

hp br 2.png


Dear ocean,  

your coastline is  my only escape from this city that is muting the sound of my thoughts.

 Perhaps you are the only one in this world who can  really understand what’s happening inside me – just  because you are exactly like me: stormy, deep and forever changing. Sitting here, right by you feels like home.

   Recently life has brought me here more often than ever before and deep inside I know exactly why:  you want to show me the line I need to cross.

line 2.png

Just like fish in the sea who cannot breathe on the land.

Just like those species on the land who cannot breathe in the sea  I am stuck as an artist behind a similar line. 

I am so damn stuck.

Each morning you invite me to continue my journey straight  through you but I always end up stopping at the coastline and returning back home. Look at me: I am a simple human, not a freaking mermaid. I would never survive in you.

Still, I know that I need to step into you one day. This is the one and only right path. I can’t keep endlessly returning back home, disappointed in myself…

But how?

Should I build a submarine…?

Should I become a really good swimmer..?

Could I cross you by plane…?

Which one of these many options is the rightest?


One is clear: I need to  take another form to be able to survive inside you, dear ocean!

But which form?

A more improved self…

What would it be like?


Oh Universe, could you finally give me some kind of sign?

Thank You…


seaside cup sitting back 2.png

tee on lap.png

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