#JUSTBECAUSE:Curriculum Vitae

#JUSTBECAUSE Challenge: Post a picture, video or a recording of something creative you have done, may it be a photo, a thought, a melody, a story, a painting or something else you would like to share it with the world. Just because this might be exactly something that someone who you maybe and more likely even don’t know might need at some moment.We are all connected and you can change the world. Tag it with #justbecause and   forward the challenge  to 5 people .


I know, the dearest for me of all universal laws
Is that the rightest paths ever taken are reasoned by “Just because”.

I could be a teacher. I could be a designer. I could be a doctor. I could be a biologist. I could be a computer engineer. I could be a manager. I could be a shop owner. I could be a chef. I could be professionally trained musician. I could be a clown. I could be a journalist. I could be a travel blogger. I could be a mum. I could just sit at home and get social benefits. I could sit at home and be married to a millionaire. I could be a normal person. I could have a normal life. I could have a nice house and a lot of money. I could be good at  anything, they said, because I’ve got brains and I work hard.
…well,I chose to be a half – girl, half-bat instead.
Although, that something  I wanted to become was not in the university degree list.
Although  nobody, I guess, would post a job advertisement for a part-time position of “a bat-girl”
The way I decided to live makes no sense to most people. And if you think it makes much sense to me, you are wrong.It doesn’t. But what I know for sure   is that this is what makes my heart sing and lets me fall asleep knowing  I am on the path I am destined to walk on.
The path that I, sometimes , have to be the first one to step on without knowing where it leads . But  no matter how it goes or where it leads me, it is a fairytale. Fairytale  I want to live with you.
And  if you still ask “why?” then the  only thing I could answer is: “Just because,…just because my heart says so.”



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