Summermoments and little radio talk

Hæ diary,

What a crazy 2 weeks it has been!This crazy beautiful weather on the island, like the whole long winter full of music, emotions, loads of work and  playing with spells in the candlelight is celebrating its end with the sunray-fireworks. And my freckles have popped out after 2 years again…and some of my ginger hair, and spirit. Pipi to the max:) So I decided to go for a wonderful hike with my lovely friend last week and cannot wait to share little moments in the wild nature with you.(This is what the next vlog is going to be about, and it will be really soon!:)


And right after we got back I had a wonderful and inspiring chat with Jacqueline Jax  on A.V.A Live radio, you can listen to the whole interview (starts at  79 min)   here.(and read an extra written interview at the same page.) But if you have time then of course I’d really recommend to listen to the whole show with 4 other musicians as well, because they have such a great music and Jacqueline is in my opinion one of the most badass women  in the 21st century’s music industry in the best way , so it is just really cool and educating  to listen to her and everyone figuring out the future of music….it’s like a big “on air” bonfire night and if you have some thoughts, feel free to shoot them towards me either here or in any other way. Because life is just such a collaborative thing:)

But the best thing I learned from that 15 minutes and that I will definitely do is I’m yes yes yes gonna give you loads of more blogs and loads of more art, so let’s start:)

And I am gonna finally give you “Freakin Dance” as it will be dropping on July 17th on Spoty-Apple-Beatport-otherawesomeplaces.


Until very soon, (Yes, this is me right now, just finished drawing  in my garden, we made an awesome tree-table out of the rope…wheel?(:D) that just rolled into our garden one day in the past and now it is the super creative mystical hiiiiis.

What are you up to?

Love, P.IMG_4788-2

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