White Magic

Hello  Diary,


Today is one of the most mysterious days  of the year and definitely a perfect time for some  good-spirited white magic❈

So far I have been really cautious with any kinds of witchcraft rituals. I think the story with them is like with ever manifestation or choice we make: if we want to take control over something we need to know this “something” really well, otherwise we are more likely to mess things up even more. So for that reason to just let the spirits  live happily in their world  I haven´t forced myself into theirs but have still kept my world open for them in a friendly way and sometimes they just  come. Sometimes they have showed me the future in my dreams, sometimes they have made my wishes come true or given me warnings. As those things have always been present in my life, and in my (grand)grandmother´s and mother´s and many people’s that I know…I don´t think it is something supernatural.

I actually believe that those kind of connections  to spirits used to be something  purely natural for humans some generations ago when our lives were more directly connected to the Earth, the trees, the fruits, the water….The times when people never throw away food because a slice of bread was rather a symbol of the whole year´s hard work starting with  planting a seed. The times we could see the empty treeless space in the woods as the cost of our house. When we did not even see the purpose of cutting down more trees to build a fancier house because then there would be no trees around  protecting us from the winds or help the mushrooms grow. I am happy to have  grown up and living in places where the connection has not disappeared and has never let me forget its  importance…


That´s why my New Year´s rituals  are rather simple things done with passion and consciousness than anything complicated.No skulls, no feathers, no blood, no mirrors, no mice…but here are some  little things I always do:

❂ Think back to the old year and about things I learned from it.And then make a list of wishes for the coming  year and let those wishes fly to the Universe.


✷ Take a salt bath (This helps to get rid of the old energies you don´t need to carry with you anymore)

✲ Have places around me clean and give away things I don´t need.

❂ Leave the food overnight out on the kitchen table for the spirits


✮ Cast some tin. This is my favourite one since I was little. So you melt the tin on the special pan and when it has melt you just throw it into the bucket filled with cold water. The tin will freeze instantly and take a mysterious shape that you could interpret either just   by its appearance or by its shadow.If it  is full of little coral – like “hairs” then it means good material fortune.

✲ On the 1st day of the year I always find myself a tree to talk to:)

❂ The first 12 days of the year are going to “create” your whole year each day symbolising one of the 12 months of the year…so you better have them full of awesomeness.

✷ CELEBRATE!Just because life is worth it 🙂



Thank you 2016 for being a year like a rough and good teacher guiding the way to the totally awesome and musicful 2017…I think the last song I wrote this year is pretty much about the most meaningful thought and realization I got  for myself this year.

♡listen to your soul, it is a beautiful thing ♡

Oh, it is half past 10 already – I better run and start off with all the things I´ve written about. 

Shooting love and kindness into your next year


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