The Story of :”Baby I Don´t Care” (original vs. ours)


Hello, it´s me, again,with blue stripes in my hair this time. It is a lot of fun to walk with a rainbow on top of your head, colourful as autumn, harmonizing with the nature like a wild animal. But I thought that as the new video is black and white, then this is how it looks in colour:) (just because I am always wondering myself about things like this when I watch black and white movies and pictures).


But making this cover for the Transvision Vamp‘s  hit “Baby I Don´t Care”(1989) was really a lot of fun.

I remember how I just got an email from Barry Snaith in March, right a day before flying to New York asking if we could work on a punk/rock song cover  together for a pitch , but we only have 4 days to finish it. And the  little rebel  inside me said “yes, sure” because a)he an awesome musician b)the short time just doesn´t let my inner perfectionist take me over…well..too much over. Sounds good. Let´s do it.

So I spent my first 3 days in NYC just working on the song with the mind support of the nice folks in the organic store across the street (who just last week had asked my friend (fairy)Racqui if my  song got already released….wow, you folks are just amazing, sending super hugs if you ever are going to read this blog post one day) And we made it, it was ready exactly by the midnight! And of course we were both super happy and surprised  to get to know that it was going to be released as a Christmas single.Juhhuu!

I know that a 16 year old me had never said yes to sing that song. Just because I really didn’t care at that time.I thought that songs of that kind have no real meaning.But now I understand that they had a meaning, but I just could not find or see it at that time. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever was my biggest nightmare and I tried to avoid it as much as I could.I even cut myself a haircut once that I found especially ugly  and dressed up like a creep, sometimes put a sticker on my face to keep all this stuff away from me. And it honestly worked pretty well…well, until there comes someone who sees your plans through ,sees your soul behind the mask and you have lost the war. Then you live and then you learn and then you grow until one day you discover that oh, I can now really tell a story through that song now. But it will be this time my own story , just with someone else´s words, but with my own emotions, thoughts and honesty.

When I first got the lyrics I did not understand what they wanted to say actually.I was confused if it was a sad song, a careless song, a happy song. But then I realized it doesn´t actually really matter at all.A “Happy Birthday To You” can also for some people be the saddest song in the world if they  maybe experienced something sad while that song was being played or sung, you never know. Words do not really matter, it matters how they are being said. Tone matters. Maybe Tone is the only universal language all humans share, speak and understand. Maybe there should be one wordless anthem  for all the world we could all sing .Just one certain thing to remind ourselves that we are all cousins on this little planet in the middle of the big universe and should keep together.

Making this song brought me this thought and I am so thankful for that , self-growth is the best reward in the world:)

But now it´s time for some fun:

Here comes the original:

And here comes ours. The collab between the fab  Mick Hone, Barry and Me. (So good to have the chance to see my own music video once with a “first sight”-sight because it was the first time when I didn´t edit the video myself. Easy feeling, Mick did a totally awesome job:)


Thanks for reading and watching and The Inconsistent Jukebox‘s (check out his amazing stuff please, this is really an extraordinary new kind of music movement, without a specific genre, hell yeah!) double A – side single will be out in UK and worldwide on 9th December via Supersonic Media. I think iTunes pre- sale has started already as well, so you can grab the song from there:)


I care about you all and see you soon,


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