imageHi boys and girls. I wrote this small ( and a little bit funny)poem while I was walking through the rainy Reykjavík this evening. During the past two weeks in New York I just realized how we should just share all the weirdness in us with the world, as much as possible.Weirdnesses are beautiful.( The next post is going to be about NY ) Hugs towards you:)P.



I found myself from an empty town.

At the border of the horizon.

on my left hand there was night,

the last sunrays on my right.

Straight through the old graveyard

I left a trace –

in this empty town

the most lively place.

By the lake

stood a dragon

Majestetic and cold

of stone.

“Why would someone

sculpt a dragon

in the middle of a town

where no one lives…

and no-one any **** gives?”

I wondered,thought, did feel

it must be something that someone has seen

and wanted to make the world believe

that dragons are real.

I believed.

‘Cause I have heard some say, I remember,:



“They arrive with the first mushroom rains in early September.”













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