Possi’s secret Christmas playlist

Heihó dearest friends, how has your Christmas time been?

Mine has been quite busy. Just finished a couple of songs for Analogrunner´s EP that is coming out in the beginning of 2016. Did a remix for the first time in my life. Enjoying my own album recording process and trying to put my ideas in order, which is kinda a task.But despite that I still remind myself that it is important to take time for my loved ones and for enjoying :

Cold-cold weather. Icicles. Slippery roads. The Christmas tree that I got really cheaply from the second hand store( yes, a fake one…there are barely no trées in Iceland! So let at least those few ones stay where they belong, in the forest :). Candles, candles, as many candles as you can imagine. Gingerbread. Mulled wine. Grandma knitted socks. Christmas calendar and norhern lights. And of course  christmas songs. But not the ones we hear everyday and everywhere. Something much more fresh. And that’s what I must share with you 🙂

“Snowflakes Falling Down” by Simon Panrucker

Simon Panrucker´s Christmas album   really is a hidden christmas gem and my most favorite musical find this year. Blessed be the day when I accidentally stumbled upon it on FMA website. A definite MUST HAVE in your Christmas playlist this year. So must that I even picked 2 songs for this post. Anyway, this is that kind of song I would be really proud of if I had written it myself…(Unfortunately or fortunately I didn’t , but it would be super great to make a cover for it one day, who knows) Beautiful melody. Interesting harmony. Unpredictable. Shortly, a fantastic track, in my opinion one of the best Christmas songs recently written…Thanks Simon for that!




“Jólaköttinn” by Björk

This is a traditional icelandic Christmas song. A bit creepy, isn’t it? Well, in Iceland there are 13 santas and they are all really naughty. One of them is jólakötturinn – a big black Christmas cat who steals and eats kids who haven’t got new clothes and taken a bath before the Christmas Eve. Mnjæu 😉

 “Angels We Have Heard On High” by Sufjan Stevens

O-o-o,gloria-aa-a this is what happens if you put one of my favorite Christmas songs, one of my favorite musicians and a beautiful choir arrangement together. Magic happens ❤ This song is from his Christmas album “Silver and Gold” and to be honest, you can skip the “silver” from the title because the whole album is just pure gold.

 “Christmas At Sea”  by Sting

Watching Sting´s live from  Durham Cathedral has been one of my most important Christmas traditions since I saw it for the first time exactly one winter morning when we ourselves( me and my best friends) were going on a Christmas tour in different churches in Estonia. So this video always brings me back those good memories. Basically this live is in my playlist from the day the first snow falls down until it goes away again in the spring.  This song is just one of the many pearls (And has a beautiful harpist singing beautiful gaelic so beautifully that I have shivers on my skin every time I listen to it)


“Fairytale of New York” by Katie Melua and The Pogues

I think the most important thing for a singer is to div deeply into the song he is singing and let the song take first over him and then all the others who are listening. And this is IT! And a beautiful song too, of course!

 “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes
This song takes me to the forest without actually going to the forest. Beautiful song, catchy song and a beautiful video. One of my this year´s favourite discoveries.



“Little Drummer Boy” by Josh Groban

 There are about zillion different versions of that song but  my totally favorite arrangement is this one.


“Vive Le Vent” by MIKA

O la la, I remember how we needed to learn this song by heart every Christmas for the French lesson before we could go and enjoy our Christmas vacation. Húrraaa! Another song from the section “good arrangements”. And MIKA is cool as well:)

“Winter’s Love” by Animal Collective

.Ohh, I would like to dedicate this beautiful winter song to all beautiful #vegans in the world;)<3

“Happy Christmas, You Guys” by Simon Panrucker

So good, I don’t even need to start thinking what to say to end this playlist, Simon Panrucker has already stolen my words:) I’m gonna listen to  this song out loud  in the morning of the Christmas day while making preparations for the night, and you should too !HAPPY CHRISTMAS, YOU GUYS!


Sending gingerbread hearts and wish you all a lot of wonderfulness into the December time, be good children…well, just a bit naughty, but mostly nice, respect the plants under the snow, don’t step on them and don’t forget to build snowman and make snow angels 😉





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