Uus means “new” in Estonian and  every new is something  well forgotten from the old times . At least we have a saying like that. So let this little word be the spell for the next year and maybe it will tell something about it and maybe ,probably, likely, possibly there will be more new songs in this beautiful old the language of my heart and nature that the post  title is written in.

I draw a little goat angel for us all (because 2015 is the year of goat) to say thank you for the last year.He or she, i don’t even know myself, is  bringing  you peace, light, music and happiness. You can keep him everywhere, in your pocket, your ear, in the nose of the shoe or just in your beautiful mind – doesn’t really matter. Just that you know, he is there, taking care of you and me and us ❤


Have a beautiful and happy new year, dear friends!


Your Possi (who is going to watch the New Year ‘s Eve bonfire near the sea. It is a heart warming  Icelandic tradition in the cold wind:)

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