Of Snowflakes

Heihoo from my cozy place!

I have great news for you all…firstly, my new single will be out soon, at least in 2 weeks and we are going to Greenland to film a music video for it. I am already super excited because both the song and the video are going to be a bit of a different style than before. And I also have a little plan to send you live messages in my blog every day straight  from Nuuk during my stay there, what do you think of it?


Secondly, Oskar Schuster has finally released his cute  album “Sneeuwland” and I was so happy when he invited me to write and sing one song for it. One day the album popped into my post box and it was really there: real and touchable, beautiful. The song is called “Lumehelves”, which means “snowflake” in Estonian. It is a little piece about following your dreams even if it seems impossible….but actually, everything is possible and we all should know that…

Here you go, Lumehelves, I hope you like it:)

You can buy the album here both digitally and the real one too, which is hand-made and beautiful:)




See you soon and many hugs:)


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