So nice and quiet evening with a  candle on my right hand and millions of  thoughts in the head. Today we recorded the last parts of my new song  with Vero and this little beautiful cello is  still playing in my ears right now as I am re-listening  everything we did this morning.

ImageIt was a sunny day and after recording we went to the seaside to pick seashells and little rocks.The sea was so low that we could reach the places that are usually under the ocean. The seashells were yellow, green and rainbow-coloured…big and small, some of them were even alive.There were pieces of glass shaped by the sea and fossils that have fallen in love with red lava-rocks! I will make a nice frame out of them all  for one very special painting I received for my birthday, I will show it  to you when the frame is finished. 


On the shore  were two old fish nets turned into super cozy hammocks so we took a little nap as if we were two little mermaids, listening to  the songs of early spring birds through a light breeze. There is something so unusual in the end of February, something so fresh and beautiful I cannot describe and  this feeling takes me over every year.Let it take.I love it. And the new song is coming within only some weeks so I am full of excitement and about to explode!


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