Heipa friends!

As Christmas is almost knocking at the door then I decided to write a handcraft related post today as ( I don´t know about you but) a self-made gift  is  something that always makes me uber happy because of all the good spirits that have been put into it. So this Christmas I decided to make something for my friends too and when I passed by a local teashop and saw those red Christmas-tea packages I knew what I was going to make and thought that maybe it would be nice to share it with you too. So, here you go, Christmas tea-elves:



-a crochet hook


-wool(but keep in your mind that wool+ kitten adds at least 30 minutes to your work;)


-a pack of tea leaves


-little bells(for the hats) if you want to

– pen, paper, scissors, transparent tape or glue and that should be it!


1. Crochet the elf-hat (here is the tutorial)

2.Measure the width of the tea pack and use this knowledge to cut the white paper( so it would be of the same width as the pack).

3. cut a hole in the middle of the paper(for the face),shape the beard as you like(I found out that strips give a nice snowy and beardy feeling)

4. Glue or use the tape to attach the shaped white paper to the tea pack

5. Draw the  face and put the hat on the tea-elf

6. Name the elf

It’s alive!:)


Merry Christmas and may the elves be with you:)

Your Possi.

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