Little things


Alone at home with my kitten. The snowstorm outside is calming down and some kind of unearthly bliss has fallen upon the streets of the little town. Here and there I see people  heading somewhere, to the places that me and you will never know. I don´t know anything about them and  they know nothing about me. All I know is what they are thinking at the very moment …”how to cross safely the slippery ice field that the street has become?” Just like me. It is cold outside, quite cold. On my way home I notice how frozen lips whistle a quiet melody that has just popped into my mouth from some place of  the big universe. Maybe he came becuse he wanted to become a song one day?Maybe he is there just because  he wanted to be my companion on this journey home…maybe he will go back to other people and offer  them company  for some time before leaving again…? I love melodies, they will never let me feel lonely.

And all I know is that all those words here are so little and tell a story  about little things.But tonight I wanted to write about little things as they become so big here on the island in the winter time. It is so dark  and it is getting darker and darker day by day. And just like when we close our eyes we start noticing little things inside us…we start noticing more and more about everything here in the  darkness that lets us see something that is invisible in the light –



Picture by: AncientKing (Deviantart)

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