Glass lives

Glass lives

Once upon a time I went to Keflavik (a little town not far from Reykjavik) and stepped into a house full of thousands of cats, angels, trolls, space creatures, roses, tulips and statues – all made of glass. In the corner of that room stood a big big oven in front of which a beautiful lady with shaking hands and his son were giving faces to elves that had just come out of the burning heat. I bought a little elf who is hiding itself in the bottle(in the picture). I fell in love with this elf since I saw him for the first time. “This elf cannot be alone,” said the lady, and disappeared. After 3 minutes she was back. In her hands she was holding another elf and said : “This is for you, now you have two elves to take care of, two elves who are meant to be together…”  – “You are lucky, that you can do what you love. ” “Yes,” said the lady, “I am, “……… And so it is, people who love what they do can turn a piece of glass, idea,a piece of whatever into something that has its own  heart and soul somewhere deep inside them.A piece of the creator`s own heart  he or she once put into his work. This piece of heart that will grow like a flower. Like we all. If we take care of it. . .I am very happy that I am given the chance to do what I love. Thank you, world, and you. And I promise I will take care of my elves. ❤

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