One little night post

ImageI am sitting here in the middle of the  dark rainy night. It is so quiet, the city is sleeping. And there is something in those quiet hours, something so good and so peaceful and only a little bit dark and scary…that keeps one from falling asleep..and keeps me making music. 


 This is going to be a very cute “techno” song.  But you will see, hear when it is ready…it is  for Oskar Schuster`s upcoming album. 

The summer is almost over here, which means that I can start hunting again the Northern lights, and berries! Yesterday I picked a lot of blueberries that grew by the small waterfall  and I would like to share them with you too and since today I am going to share something with you almost every day here, I will do my best:)ImageSo well, this is my little life here. Full of music, candles, rain and rainbows when the sun comes out, full of waterfalls and walks in the middle of mountains with cold evenings and hot chocolate. I like it here. Very much:)

Be kind and hold together and sjaumst tomorrow:)






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