The story of Stjernen

Today I would like to tell you a little story, the story about how one song was born and how music is something more that just music. This is a very simple story:

One day back in last September Oskar sent me the base of that song and asked me to write melody and lyrics to it. He had named it “Stjernen”. I did not translate the title for two reasons…one of them is because this would leave the music a possibility to talk to me. The second one might sound very silly(especially for people from the northern countries – even for me now as I have been living in Iceland) – but I thought that “stjernen” was just a self-invented word by Oskar. Time passed, I listened to the song about hundred times. Finally, my lyrics were ready…and it became a song about a girl who is looking at the stars and the moon, missing something or somebody that is as distant as the stars…

But one day when I was about to send the finished song to Oskar…I got curious and wanted to know if maybe the title still has a meaning. At the moment when I opened the dictionary and saw “stjernen – star” (in Norwegian) I felt so right. You know, music is the universal language…listen carefully and you will understand. Listen to the wind, birds and the sea, listen to your cat or whatever you like…but you cannot go wrong. Everything in the world has something to tell you, you just have to listen:)


Music by Oskar Schuster & Possimiste.
Lyrics by Possimiste (in Estonian):

Igal täiskuuööl
sammud seadis sinna,
kus viis tähevöö
üle maa ja ilma
Ehk on keegi hea
maha jäänud sinna
kuid ta juurde, teab
iial ei saa minna?

On kuu tal südames

Nõnda ootas seal,
kuid tal oli valus –
sest nii külm, nii külm
hakkas käes ja jalus
Kuni vaikne hääl
küsis: „Kuis sul läheb?“
Ulatas tal käe
ja ta silmadest said tähed

ja kuu
sai südameks

“Stjernen” (English translation)

Every night of full moon
Her steps led to a place
Where the chain of stars
Crossed the universe
Is there someone good
She has left behind
To whom – she knows –
she can never go

She has the moon in her heart

So she was waiting there
And it hurt her
because cold had taken
Her hands and feet
Until a voice so quiet
Asking „How are you?“
took her hand:
her eyes became stars

…and the moon took the place of her heart

Thanks for listening:)

Your Possimiste

2 thoughts on “The story of Stjernen

  1. “You know, music is the universal language…listen carefully and you will understand.”
    Is it something scientific, like certain tunes has similar effect to most us listeners’ brains and the thought or feeling it evokes? Or is it just a moment of coincidence? An exclusive serendipitous moment for you and the title, maybe? Either way, I somewhat agree.

    Some time in 2011, I found and had always ‘tag’ it in my brain as ‘fading childhood’, only recently I look up what the title means–Last Moments of Childhood (courtesy Google Translate).

    I found Stjernen from browsing Oskar’s soundcloud (and granted I found Oskar from Naked & Famous Denim feature), and fell instantly in love. And I know I just have to look up for the lyrics. It felt pretty serendipitous for me when only four days before I felt as captivated seeing this:

    Pardon the unwarranted ramble, that just blurted out of nowhere, but I knew I just had to tell you that I ecstatically appreciated that you’re willing to take the time and write down what the story behind the beautiful song is. And what a wonderful story it is, too.

    Please carry on making beautiful music.

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