Vidiit, springbirds!

The weather is so nice today in Reykjavik and I just wanted to spread happiness! I am sitting by the window. When you look out, you will see  a lot of ships, black, green, white, small and big…of all kinds and behind the ships there is blue water. Behind water there are mountains covered with snow….and as the sun is shining their tops are glowing like lamps. Of course, some tops are so high that you cannot see them because of the clouds..

I hope you all are doing super great and that your winter was awesome( and maybe a bit less dark than here). I have been in Iceland for almost 5 months and now I really feel I have one little but really important thing to say to you.. Just…no matter how crazy and “impossible” something you really  feel you want and have  to do may seem, never let the thought of failure and fear stop you – because there is always a reason why your heart desires to go somewhere and if it is real then nothing bad can happen with you. It is so easy to say “tomorrow” but what if tomorrow will never be( As the meteors have been falling from the sky lately)?

So this is the way I got here, to Iceland. I just bought a plane ticket,  took my bag and Prince with me and let the flight begin. I have never learned so much about life as within this time and I am happy and in love with this place. No, it is not perfect, not at all, this may be a very sad and happy place at the same time, but this is THE place and that is all I care about.

Say hello to Leo, he will get 3 months old in 10 days,


As some of you have asked if I am working on my debut  album, then you are guessing right(besides walking on the lava fields and Laugavegur, of course, which is pretty fun also). For sure it will come out  in at least 3  years and I will do my best, because I want it awesome…:)


And I once baked moon-pancakes;)


In November watched the northern lights…

And I have met some of my friends and fans…


So this is it, all I wanted to say today:)

I wish you a lot of spring- spirit, songs, laughter, happy faces, love, sunshine, peace and remember, fear is nothing else but False Evidence Appearing True:)

Until soon:)


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