New news is good news

Jippikajee, dear friends:)

Happy Christmas time from the little room near the ocean. I just put the colourful Christmas lights on my window, ate gingerbread and now everything is filled with gingerbread candle smell…and cozy jazz music…and now when I am writing this blog, I feel how everything is so close to perfection, mosly because of teh fact that I have wanted to tell you something  for a pretty long time but it was to be  kept in secret until yesterday. Now I can do it and  it makes me happy.


I know that so many of you have been asking when something new is coming out. So now I can really say that  in January 2013 my first single 7″ EP is officially going to be released( in US and digitally worldwide). This is  a fairytale EP and picture storybook, so prepare your fantasy – butterflies and refind this little kid who is living deep inside of us all. I am so happy and thankful because this is something I have always wanted to do and now it is going to be true…I was working on it basically  for the whole summer and I really hope you will  like it:)

The official release date and more information are coming really soon, but for now  you can check out The Big Announcement to get a bit smarter .


     And I have also a little Christmas present for you: The video is going to be out , even before  Christmas (Hint: this is the funniest of my videos so far;)


Sending my loveliest gingerbread-scented thoughts and Christmas angels towards you all.



2 thoughts on “New news is good news

  1. Hi, I am a Swedish/Canadian photographer. I would like to use one of your songs with a slideshow for utube to promote my work. Check out the site for reference and contact me if you are interested. Thanks!

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