Dear diary, long time, no see, I am living near the sea.

It is amazing how fast time flows…It was summer when I last wrote. So much has happened and so much is still happening…

3 weeks ago I decided to take my few things, put them into the bag and jump on a plane. When I one moment looked down I started to see volcanoes, glaciers and lava fields…I had to snap myself so many times, because it did not feel like real at all.It was the first time when I travelled alone by plane, it was the first time for me to move, it was the first time not to sleep nearly for 70 hours in a row, it was the first time for me to feel freedom like this…Most people thought I was crazy to do something like this alone, young and with only a little of money and with no real down to earth plan, but something inside me told me I had to do this and  I know now that this voice was no wrong…..only miracles have been happening since then, life has led me to the most wonderful people and places…Things that in the beginning seemed to be disappointments led to happiness…I just want to say that if you follow your real dreams then  impossible becomes possible ,don`t let them be disturbed by too much thinking about “how-s”, hows find their way on their own too if you know where you want to go…

I have finally found a perfect place for writing my album:)

Yep, this is where you find me
Yep, this is where you find me

And it is always so weird…when I write a song…the lyrics come just like from nowhere, they are just there and I am often confused, because I don`t know what they mean…and then soon, little by little I begin to understand, because life starts going like that, like songs predicted. So you can guess what the new single is about. And you don`t have to wait for long anymore, this is all I can say at the moment. In reality the news are even more interesting, but I keep the secret:)

I love you,


One day I just randomly visited Gullfoss…it was icy-magnificent<3


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