Thoughts From The Lighthouse

Good early morning!

I have been awake for the whole night, partly because the birds started singing behind by window and it was too beautiful to miss(By now they have stopped, I believe they went to sleep) and partly because the sandman probably forgot me tonight. And partly because it is so….not dark outside as the brightest night of the year is almost here.So, I am here, hello, writing so early in the morning…

I just wanted to answer some questions that many of you have asked me recently, and one of these questions is:“How are you doing?” And I have to say I am doing free. Not completely, because I believe that as long as we are on Earth, we are not meant to be totally free. Why?Because when we have decided to be alive, it means we love something so badly about it that it gives us the reason to exist.This way love is the strongest chain. But a beautiful one. It is getting a bit  philosophisticated now, but well-well, let it get:) Yesterday I visited my favourite small lonely island in the world and sat on top of the lighthouse for a pretty long time…/Oh, the sandman arrived, I am going to sleep now, good night…

Good morning again, I am back…And when you are sitting in the lighthouse, everything down there becomes so tiny and distant that at that very moment you feel that all other boundaries but the one I mentioned have disappeared.But it does not happen because you are physically far from the ground , near the skyline or for some other external reason, it happens because something inside you decides so. All I want to say is  that we are all pretty almighty. Outer world, people…they cannot really change us, they can only make us change ourselves, our own little worlds…what is actually happening every little moment. Hm, so maybe the objective world is just what happens when you put zillions of inner ones together? It is sometimes so good to think this way…you can make all troubles disappear at once..for some time  at least:)So yes, this is what I was thinking about in the lighthouse.

“What are you doing?” Now, I can do exactly what I want…I have been waiting for it for a long time and  it is finally here. I am making  music and in July new mjusic is coming, but You will hear more about it when the time is right.  I am more excited than ever, we are soon going to shoot the video with Unholy Flying Rabbit and wooden woodpeckers are on my mind!Hmm, what else? I can also say that is not going to remain my homepage address forever, but nothing disappears ,though,..when my new home gets ready,  I will make a little housewarming party for you:)

And what is this?

This is a super-truper-huper beautiful picture (by Trey Ratcliff) of the land, which is very probably going to be my home since the end of autumn.Iceland. Why? I cannot put it into words why exactly…my mind probably still don`t know why,but my heart says I have to experience that place. And I decided to follow it. A crazy plan, especially because I don`t have any certain plan how I am going to make it. But what life has taught me is that the question how is not very important at all if you know what you really wish . But if someone feels that he/she has something to say about it to me, I would be more than happy.

It is easy to live comfortably, follow the path someone else  has created before and so hard to make your way through the underwood, but through the latter, we learn the most. And as I try to learn as much as I can within the time I have been given, I have decided to live this way. So, hey, W for wanderers!;)

Have a beautiful beginning of summer, eat strawberries,wander and wonder and jump into small lakes,

Until soon:)

One little crazy kid

One thought on “Thoughts From The Lighthouse

  1. this place! 😀 i can feel the breeze and this smiling feeling. yes you are already there soon or later 🙂

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