My First C☮ncerts

I woke up today and asked myself if everything that happened last week was real or not, because I have sometimes had dreams…like this…

As about 2 months ago I got a beautiful letter with snowflakes from Slovakia…in which I was invited to perform there. Though I had only 5 singles out then and others songs were in my head, but totally unfinished I decided to do it, because it is always so easy to say no…but how can we learn without challenges?So I started writing and writing and finished the last song at night in Frankfurt Airport a day before my first performance at Radio FM. Crazy:)

DAY 1. A small rehearsal in my living room 2 hours before the flight with Stina.Someday I would like to perform with a real piano…but this time it was too big and heavy to take it on a plane:) In Frankfurt airport people constantly thought I wanted to smoke “so-me-thing”, because I looked colourful…yes, even shopkeepers asked that, after I had just paid for my milk.☮ We spent a night in the airport, which seemed to be totally empty. But, nope, there was a lovely little mouse running around the airport. And so I got a new friend:)

DAY 2.  Four in the morning I finished my last song and took a short 2-hour sleep, because in 3 hours we had to be on a plane to Vienna. In Vienna there was spring…18 degrees.So we walked through Vienna, spent 4 hours in Starbucks, because we needed free WiFi in purpose not to get lost and space to glue my fairytale book. In the evening we met Kristina and Dodo who took us to Radio_FM in Bratislava. When I first saw the building I had a really strange feeling inside me, because it was gigantic, but when I met wonderful Juraj and other super nice the people there and saw Kris` and Dodo`s happy faces I started to feel happy too…It was a really lovely evening there and the live went also pretty well.You can listen to it here. Of course, I could have done it a lot a lot a lot a lot better, but as life and art and performing are all about moments then that moment it just had to go like this, but I learned a lot about myself and others and  music and trust and life that day and when I fell asleep I was in love and peace with the world and Slovakian people. And I still am.

Picture in the picture

Yes, Dodo was super supportive: he even wore a T-shirt with a message: "No, you can`t!" ;)
Yes, Dodo was super supportive: he even wore a T-shirt with a message: "No, you can`t!" 😉

DAY 3. We started driving to Poprad with superawesome Lixx, Kris and Dodo and stopped in a little green city, where we ate some special wafers we started to call in a funny way, fed swans and ducks and thought how to make music with them…in the evening we reached our destination in high Tatras, it was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and it was even more beautiful to drive there with 2 angels.

To the mountains!The landscape changed after every 5 minutes
To the mountains!The landscape changed after every 5 minutes


DAY 4 part 1. We discovered that we had forgotten half of our clothes and so we had to buy some summerclothes.We found them fast and then  visited a really lovely bookshop where Kris` friend was working. Then Groteska people prepared us the best coffee in the whole world and we got addicted.After that, TO THE MOUNTAINS. In a pizza bar a lovely waitress said to me that she had listened to the radio and loved my music and I somehow managed inside not to start crying though I had almost failed. We went to see a little spring and drank its pure cold water before we went back to Groteska to do our soundcheck. During the soundcheck a nice visitor bought me and Stina drinks and it was the best mineral grape juice ever!

The best coffee on Earth!Fly to Poprad just to get it!

DAY 4 part 2. 3 hours before the concert started we went back to our hotel room and talked/played some important things over, got dressed and messed and then Lixx and Kris helped us to Groteska, where Monogram(such a nice person and artist) was DJing and then it was our turn. The night before I had had a dream how my costume gets broken….and it really happened during the 1st song. I am a mess, but it was funny:)The concert went great, I fell even more in love with the people there and in the end they sung with me, which made me really happy. After the concert two nice ladies wanted to take a picture with us,  we had an interesting chat with Lixx (who soon started to play his awesome set and me and Stina floated away for a while)  Peter and Tom who gave me imaginary flowers at first, but 30 minutes later they became real tulips, and he did the best joke I had heard for a long long time and Stina had never laughed so much.And of course Dodo and Kris…everything they did was just…I cannot put it into words. It was the best day in my life so far!

When you believe you can fly, you can!
The audience was amazing!Big pure love!

DAY 5. Our last coffee ar Groteska and then to the mountains again!And then we drove 5 hours to Vienna and wow, it was the best roadtrip ever, we all went totally crazy.Lululululuulululu!Saying “Bye” was harder than ever…

Look, what Kris and Dodo did!How can I not miss them?!<3
Look, what Kris and Dodo did!How can I not miss them?!<3
I liked the bikes they had in Vienna;)

And then we spent a day in Vienna, which was beautiful too…though on Monday the city was half-dead/half-alive. I got my first bubble tea experience too. And so I sat on the grass, put some  pine-needles into my hair and watched how the branches of a tree started calling for peace. And so I decided that he was Peace☮ tree:)

☮Look at the fingers of that tree☮


Yep, friends, it was the best week in my life so far and I thank everyone for just being there with me, for the beautiful words and wishes. Armastus<3

Don`t forget ☮  and love and  lululululululululululululululululuuuuuu to You all!I hope to see You soon!

Your little creature, P.


7 thoughts on “My First C☮ncerts

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful and magical experience! I am very happy for you! Where you are from seems like a beautiful land, I would someday like to see it! I was born in The United States – but my heritage links back heavily to Ukraine – have you ever been there? I would love to see it! Anyway – I’m very glad that you are performing your music live and enjoying your life, both the ‘real world’ life and the ‘fantasy’ realm which seem to co-exist perfectly for you!

    Take care!

    Adam – The Prairie

    1. Oh, yes, it was heavenly time, honestly. I hope one day Yo get to see Estonia and Ukraine and lots and lots of countries…maybe travelling and seeing the world is one of the biggest happinesses…I would love to travel too! I have never been to Ukraine, but I know people who have…though more than 2 decades ago and they have told me stories about the friendliness of people who live there, their garden culture…and I have to agree that Ukraine watermelons are just the best. And I am really happy for You, this Patrick Wolf contest – wow, congrats!and claps!:)

      I`m sending You the best wishes from here,

      with love,


      1. Thank you for responding – you always have time for your fans/friends/fellow musicians! I never imagined Ukraine as being heavily vegetative and a top watermelon producer! That’s very interesting – I’ve always imagined it as a poor, cold, down-trodden, sad place … I suppose since it was probably like that when my Great Great Great Grandfather Cornelius Zavalney came over to the states. Very cool to hear that it is a much more ‘alive’ place than I had in my thoughts.

        And thank you – yes, I cannot believe I won the Patrick Wolf Remix competition with my entry – I had never attempted to do a ‘remix’ in my life! But I looked at it as an opportunity to somehow get one of my favorite musicians to listen to one of my tracks, and at least know that I exist! It is truly an honor and a wonderful experience. It’s helped me meet and get in touch with so many European artists that I never would have gotten the chance to meet!

        We live in a very special time for musicians/artists. The internet and advancements in technology have really given artists a whole new toolset and networking set that did not exist when I was your age (almost a decade ago) :).

        I’m glad to have met you and I will continue keeping in touch! I really do appreciate your music and your free-spirit!

        Adam – The Prairie

        ps: here are some photos that I took here in North Dakota, USA where I am from – gives you an idea of the openess and spacial freedom we have here on ‘The Prairie’ – it is a huge part of what inspires me. 🙂

      2. Yes, I believe that each country has its beautiful and….less beautiful sides…it is so easy to notice this less beautiful side, human nature is like this for some reason…:)But yeah, You have to go there someday and see!
        Times are really interesting at the moment for the artists, but things are changing so fast…and we can never know how this all will be in 5 years..
        Oh, the pictures are so beautiful, inspiring!Would also like to go there on day!:)

        Best of luck,

  2. You were awesome! The music and the atmosphere that you created in Groteska Art Café…so huge…thx a lot…me and my girlfriend, we enjoyed it!
    Btw: The djembe in which I played had great sound 😉

  3. It was You who played the djembe?!!!It really had great sound(I think it is still at Groteska), but wow, You are a FANTASTIC player(When I someday come back to Slovakia, join the stage;)Uber huge thanks for that and for the beautiful words too: I will never forget that evening and the people there…I think we all created this atmosphere together. There were just the right people!;)

    (When You happen to see some people who were there too,say tehm a hello by me:)

    Warm hugs and a lot of good thoughts and wishes towards You and Your g/f and other folks:)


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