❇My 2011❇

This is the last post of this year. It has been a wonderful time.I have been through so many beautiful moments. I also have to thank You  for them. And  I have  learnt a lot too… through difficulties … everything is changing so fast around and inside us and therefore, there are  hard decisions and endings. but these latter  are actually nothing but just new beginnings. I promise that 2012 will be even  more interesting and will bring more music than this year did.

But a little backsight into 2011…some of the happy moments:

So, in February “Filably” was released and so some time later it also became a part of  ” Writing In Books”  . In July Bad Panda Records released “Behind The Seas”  and also the video  came out…I will never forget the week when  it was being shot…I have never eaten as many cherries as I did then…A lot of things have happened to this piece of music…it is hard to bring anything out( e.g Some months ago FFM released Apples and Oranges  , a free compilation album, where You can also find  it and a lot of other great tracks). Some things are going to happen in the future too with it;)

Then one of the greatest new experiences was the project ART110 where the students of California State University were given a mission to build a virtual art gallery(on Second Life) for an artist and I was one of the artists of this season. So we had a couple of interviews with the uber lovely people and here are some pictures of the galleries they created here, and here, and here tooand here, and also here. ❤❤❤ them!

Then two  wonderful and totally different short movies also came out recently, one is   “The Fall” , directed by John Lerchen and the other one is “Rico” by Jeremy Snell. You can meet Rico here: 

Yes, I once talked to another Rico from the streets. Though his name was not Rico, he was just like him.He held my hand and told me his story, the story of his life and his son and talked about the experiences he had been through. That moment I was confused…I did not know if he was lucky or unlucky….or what I was…, but he had lived to get experiences…and those experiences we give others through words, stories, sights, melodies, movements are the biggest gifts we can make…And if You are sad that You cannot make  gifts to people You love, then stand quietly for 7 seconds, walk to a mirror…and look. You`ll have found the gift. You.

I also created Tumblr yesterday and so You can find some inspirations and thoughts and sketches and other creatures:)

Lots of love, care and understanding – then comes the music:)

Merry Christmas! – Häid Jõule! ( as we say here)

Sincerely Yours,


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