Hello, dear diary and friends and other jumping sleepy animals:)

I have not written anything here since July…and I think not writing is not the best idea, so I promise to start writing more often. As many of You have asked me how I am doing, then I am doing great and I hope You are too! Yesterday I saw the first snow falling…days are short – by 5 o`clock darkness has already covered the land and it is so good to drink a cup of tea and then another one and another one…and light candles. And then start doing music…this is my favourite part of the day. New music is coming soon…or not so soon, in December or at the beginning of January. I don`t want to promise anything certain. The only thing I can really say is that it is not only a song, something else is also coming with it. But it`s a crazy surprise, like  a gift for Christmas:)And even more surprises are coming at the beginning of 2012!

Oh, I had almost forgotten, in October a really sweet compilation album(free download) ” Apples” by Far From Moscow came out, and You can also  find “Behind The Seas” there. 

And here are some sneak-peak-pictures I promised:)

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