2 minutes of magic



Long time no see!I have been doing things. And mysterious things have happened.

Yesterday I was on my way home. I had a little djembe – drum, a soundegg and a couple of friends with me. We were in a trolley, enjoying ourselves and the next moment, there was an old man walking along the bus, playing his maroon accordion so beautifully that I had never heard anything like that. And then we saw a little boy walking behind him with a cup in his grimy hands, hoping to receive some money. We had nothing to give, nothing to give but music, so we took out our instruments and started to play  along. Everybody smiled at us. It was like a little-little concert. 2 minutes of magic.

Things like this are not unusual in some countries, but here, it is definitely SOMETHING.

Like I said, I have been doing things, and I have been doing music. There are still so many things to do with that song, but for the beginning of July, I will, hopefully, have finished it and you can hear it soon. Will be something very  different and not-so-different at the same time:)


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