NEW SINGLE!”Filably”(The Winter Song)

Heyhoppahey to everyone!


So, I promised a new song/single and here it is. It was actually a totally different song in the beginning…a piano song I wrote  more than a year ago. And then, suddenly, something happened and it turned out to be “Filably” (The Winter Song). (If someone really can guess right what happened to it and how the song was made…I would be really impressed!)But it took a year to finish it. And now, it is a great feeling to say that here it is, dear friends!A song for bluebirds.


The single cover


And You come and go as always

We`re birds, we live in broken dreams,

And our songs are locked in deep blue seas

All we all are looking for is a place to go…

I have seen a bluebird sing in my hands….


I wish the most beautiful things to all of you, lots of singing bluebirds and whispering winds !


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