The Story of “Poppy”

Our life is made of moments. Moments full of love. Moments full of extraordinary happiness. Moments full of fear. Moments full of indescribable sadness taking over Your tiny heart. The latter was the impulse for “Poppy”. The song was born from the darkness.
We hate our lives so much that we love them. We love our lives so much that we hate them.We destroy our lives, at the same time holding them desperately in our hands. We don`t want to let them go. But we have to do it one day. Sooner or later, to start again when we are ready. Only one step between an old man and a child.There is no tragedy in death. It is not the opposite to life. It is just a part of it. We are born, we live, we die, we are born again. There is no tragedy in death. Life is a beautiful thing…a poppy…
The song was written in the middle of August, it was sunny outside, but sadness took over my soul. It was written after hearing a very sad news…so it is just as it is…nothing more, nothing less, an overwhelming nothingness….



Your life is a flower – a poppy,
so beautiful, so brittle…
Beautiful things will live forever,
though they just always can`t be seen…
Flying away in their autumn,
Just like poppies, waiting for their spring
And so do You…
When You go,
And I know,
we will meet again

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