The autumn will bring 2 new songs

It is another deep night…and my summer is over, soon. The three fellows:the autumn, the winter and the spring bring a big TIME-EATER MONSTER…
And this is the reason why I have been working like a dog during the past two weeks.
Messing with soundwaves and bees and those numerous computer errors which make everything I have done disappear and I have to start from the very beginning….over and over again. This is what eats time. Machines. But yes, as I mentioned, I have almost finished a new song and another one is also pretty far…They will be very different from the songs I have already uploaded(One of them has even pretty much vocals). Yes, the songs will get more complicated. And pretty different from each other also. As I have said, September is the month one of them will see the daylight, but I am not sure when exactly it is going to happen…songs have too settle…So this autumn will bring at least 2 new songs!I am really happy!

Song: The Flight Of Lulu


So “The Flight Of Lulu” – the very first song I decided to publish. I wrote it at the end of Autumn 2009. A few months before my computer had exploded and all my old songs became flames.( I hope they did not get lost and are now living in somebody else`s head. )So as the song was born nearly a year ago I really don`t remember its story anymore, but I can say that in the beginning it was called ” Dunma”, then it became “Ballos” and when the song was almost finished I found myself calling it the way it is now. And that I played it down to the ground on my computer keyboard. As I am still doing – oh, poor little keyboard…!

Possimiste – The Flight Of Lulu