#JUSTBECAUSE:Curriculum Vitae

#JUSTBECAUSE Challenge: Post a picture, video or a recording of something creative you have done, may it be a photo, a thought, a melody, a story, a painting or something else you would like to share it with the world. Just because this might be exactly something that someone who you maybe and more likely […]

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2 girls, 2 friends in  New York City, in search of the higher purpose of art and music.The 5-day  journey to the unknown in front of your eyes. Here we go, starting from tomorrow This is definitely one of the most exciting and spontaneous  things I have ever done in my life, I don’t have […]

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Dear Diary, Today I just breathe. Breathe in the autumn and watch the leaves breaking apart from their trees. It’s the law of Nature. The leaves have the most beautiful colours just before falling apart. We are no different.   Photo:Marta Pawlik

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